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Luke EmbryMrs. WeirHCA-II/Hour-7April 10, 2013War is unnecessary GoddammitNo doubt war is an unnecessary evil, and probably the greatest detriment to society. War brings ruin in its dreadful path, and in order to assess the horrific effects of war, one can only look back to the havoc that has been brought up in various regions of the world not long ago.In many ways, it is understood that the only circumstances that would make war necessary is if a corrupt figure would happen to come to power and threaten the peace of multiple innocent surrounding countries, such as a war like World War II, or the Korean War. However, a thought from All Quiet on the Western front (Source A), "I am young, I am twenty years old; yet I know nothing of life but despair, death, fear, and fatuous superficiality cast over an abyss of sorrow" obviously explains a very negative opinion about war, because in reality it is hard to think of a positive, and overall it promotes the idea that war brings more terror than peace, which is one of many reasons of why war should be avoided. "These men were born to drill and die", a quote from Stephen Crane's poem 'War is Kind' (Source B) also sheds some light on the reality of war. Even though many people would like to think war isn't as horrific as some people make it out to be, that is simply not the truth. Only the men who have experienced it firsthand really know how terrifying the reality of being a young naive soldier fighting a bloody conflict in an unknown terrain can be.In World War II America made a tough decision to ultimately end the conflict, which was dropping the atomic bomb into Japan killing millions of people. For many people, it was not understood that the scientists creating the bomb really had no desire to use it because of the death it would cause so many people. Leo Szilard understood this when he explained...

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