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War Of 1812 Canada And The Effects Of The War

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The war of 1812 may not seam to be a significant battle in some people's minds, most don't even remember much about this date only to be naive enough not to realize that the War of 1812 the was waged upon Canada and America was the most significant year that Canada has ever had. It is the year that Canada gave the Canadian people their Nationalism, and a strong sense of loyalty, that formed this country into what it is today.Before we can really start analyzing why the Canada's nationalism is linked to the War of 1812 we must come to realize the motives of both the Americans and the British. The United States had beat Britain in a previous war and believed that they would be able to pull the same victory off again since their nation was that much larger since there last 'rough and tumble'. America's main reason for declaring war upon Canada was directly linked to their plan of North America. The States had planned on taking all of Canada and her land so to control the entire cotenant as a massive nation and to halt the Canadian expansion and pressure that was being laid upon the United States. The Americans were also rather mad from the British Naval activity in the Atlantic Ocean, in which the British were stealing American trade boats and using them as their own merchant ships, since Britain was short on ships for trade, they also wanted to prevent the Americans from trading with France. These tactics applied by Britain were intimidating gestures that the Americans did not appreciate. With their plan to unite the continent in their plan to take over North America this was a perfect time for the States to strike at the British.The British Empire did not wish to regain the former 13 colonies that separated from the British rule so long ago as some may think. The British had remembered the United States victory over them in their previous engagement and wanted to make clear the message that "the British Empire was not a country to toy around with". This and Britain's key interests in their plan for North America gave them a right mind to wage war upon the separated brethren to the south. Britain sent their message to the United States when they burnt down their white house. Though this happened it was not Britain that first declared war upon the United States, which may have been a sign that Britain wanted to safe guard their boarders and ensure their plans for the rest of America. Both the United States and Britain had their own plans of what was to happen and the only thing standing in their way was each other, the only way to bring this to an end was to wage war.America and the United States had problems that plagued them during this war, Britain had no army to speak of, but had a great large navy that was ready at the command. Since they had no army they had to move much more vigorously. America on the other hand had an inexhaustible amount of men at their command, but had no navy whatsoever so they had to march much more quickly since they...

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