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War Of 1812 – One Continent, Two Nations

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The War of 1812 reshaped North America. Though not physically, the war brought new ideas and principles to the nations involved. The War was between the overconfident Americans and the greatest Empire at the time, Great Britain. The Americans, being hungry for power and territory, declared war on the British not only for territory, but for freedom of the seas and for North America to become “one great nation” as stated by John Adams. There was no clear winner of the war, both the Americans and the British won several battles, but lost just as many. As stated by the Treaty of Ghent, the treaty that officially concluded the War, boundaries were not moved; neither country lost or gained a significant amount of land. However, the impacts of the War of 1812 are present in both Canada and the United States of America today. Americans, British and Canadians were all affected by the War of 1812 in territorial, emotional and moral ways. The War of 1812 unified two separate countries, established ideas of nationhood and created peaceful relations between Canada and the United States of America for centuries to come. These events not only reshaped nations but also affected millions of people in the present and future therefore, making the War of 1812 historically significant.
Both the United States of America and British North America were unified as countries and developed senses of nationalism due to the War of 1812. To begin with, the several invasion attempts by the Americans solidified Upper Canada’s ties with the British Empire. (Horizons textbook). Before the War of 1812, the majority of Upper Canada was populated by Loyalists, those loyal to Britain and fled America after their Revolutionary War. The Loyalists did not feel accepted or a part of British North America, however during the War, these colonists were...

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