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War Story Personal Narrative Essay

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War Story- Personal Narrative
Finally we got a well deserved break from what seemed like our endless
marching. As we stopped pain shot up my left leg like a bullet. I
looked automatically to my right. Nobody was there. My best friend
Simon would usually stand there, as he had in the war before, I could
imagine the grin on his face. The images of all those years ago
started to play in my mind…

It began when we were assembled in the safety of the trench. Then we
heard those dreaded words that can make a man throw up with fear for
his life.

“Go! Over the top men, go!”

I froze, not breathing, not even blinking I was paralysed, standing
there motionless, my legs as solid as metal prison bars. I was shaken
back to consciousness by Simon saying in a remarkably normal voice for
he was one of those unique people that just dealt with life as it

“Come on mate.”

We scrambled up the trench ladder and began to run as fast as we could
to our destiny. All I could think about was my family. Mum and Dad
settling down in their armchairs with a mug of hot cocoa, chatting
about what a nice day it had been. Simon and I were one of the first
to leave the trench behind; we had almost made it to our target, when
suddenly, just as I thought we were going to be okay, I fell. Someone
or something had grabbed my lower leg; down I went like an
insignificant pin in a bowling alley and got a face full of mud. I
looked back expecting to see the other troops but I did not I will
never forget the sight I saw. My stomach churned I had to look away to
stop myself throwing up. Barbed wire had stabbed my leg I tried to
free myself but more blood oozed out of my leg like the jam out of a
doughnut. I was a sitting duck for the German machine gunners. Then,
turning my head again I saw Simon dive to my aid. He did not utter a
single word but just gave a faint grin then promptly looked down at my
leg and set to work. He freed me and with a little help I made it to
the safety of the next shell hole. I owed him my life.

Simon refused to stop. He climbed up again to help the others. I tried
to tug him back but...

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