War: Unjustifiable And Absurd Essay

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War is a lot like love: it costs a lot of money, time, and energy; it distracts you from other areas of life; sometimes you win, sometimes you lose, but most importantly, in the end, it’s still worth fighting for. But unlike love, war cannot and should not be justified and disregarded, by gods or men. No matter what people try to do to resolve their disputes, sometimes they get so aggravated that they resort to killing each other, and the taking of a life is no light matter. It’s no coincidence that most people have post-traumatic stress coming back from the wars in Afghanistan, Iraq, and Iran. It’s because sinners live on the same planet, sinning and accusing the other of sinning while covering their own sin. So wars come and wars go, exchanging the powers between the nations who attack each other. The Trojan War, partially exemplified in the Iliad by Homer, follows this natural pattern of human nature. The Iliad does not go anywhere near the fact that the war is unjustifiable and absurd. In fact, the poem makes it clear that in the minds of both Greeks (also Achaeans) and Trojans that the war was justified and that each faction thought that they were entitled to some sort of resolution in their favor. Therefore, one should examine the Iliad from the viewpoint of the characters and the poet’s beliefs, from a fixed fictional standpoint instead of the real world’s standpoint. Both the Greek and Trojans had both rational and somewhat realistic reasons behind their logic, summed up in three observations: The competition of the main characters to elevate their own self-importance, their manly struggle over the hot Greek chick, and finally the vengeance that must be wrought for their fallen brothers-in-arms. But even though both sides felt justified, who was rightly justified in the end?
Both the Greeks and the Trojans present a protagonist in the story, even though they aren’t exactly the heroes that they are all chalked up to be by the other warriors and royalties in the epic. These protagonists shape the war with their passions. Achilles is the Greek protagonist and is driven by his own desires, chief of these being the elevation of his own importance and stature. There comes a time when he prays to the gods to allow him to be killed by the Trojans, only because he was slighted by the Greek king, Agamemnon. Achilles has some good qualities however. He never runs away from a fight, and always faces the challenge head on. He is driven solely by his hunger for glory and his burning rage The Trojan protagonist is almost the complete reverse of Achilles. Hector is the leader of Trojan armies, although by his actions, it’s likely he didn’t get that position by bravery. Hector is more likeable than Achilles, more family-oriented and tender; but he continuously runs away from battle, and only faces his challenges when insulted by his comrades. (Book 17, page 412) When the two heroes meet, Achilles is the victor of the skirmish, defeating Hector in...

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