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The War Upon A Plant Within the last century our government has established laws against certain substances and chemicals labeled drugs. These drugs are often used for recreational use and can have dangerous side affects. Substances within this category include cocaine, methamphetamines, heroin, lsd, and marijuana. Marijuana being illegal is a controversial subject with many advocates petitioning for legalization. Many countries around the world have made marijuana legal and accessible. In Holland marijuana and hashish (a product made of concentrated marijuana into a brown hard chunk which is smoked or eaten) are openly sold in shops and restaurants. Canada and Austria have made laws ...view middle of the document...

While marijuana may not cause cancer it is known to be a trigger for emphysema. If consumed in extreme doses (a number not yet determined by scientists today) The threat of addiction to substances has etched itself into the mind of our society. Some drugs cause permanent chemical changes within a users system making it impossible in some cases to ever stop the use. People experiencing this withdrawal from drugs can become desperate and dangerous. Many robberies and murders are the result of a strung out addict in need of drugs attempting to scrape together enough money for a dose. Marijuana has no medically proven addictive properties. Some marijuana smokers develop a mental addiction to marijuana. The mental dependency is more of an urge to smoke than the need for a drug and is not proven to be dangerous. The dependant individual suffers from no withdrawal symptoms, more a feeling of laziness and boredom. The addiction of marijuana is similar to that of a gambler or someone who overeats; it is mental problems. If marijuana were legalized there would be no threat of addicts robbing and stealing to get the drug. Most violence caused by marijuana is the result of gang warfare over the profit of sales of marijuana. Someone attempted to rob me a few years ago when I was in a shady neighborhood purchasing a bag of marijuana. I was not hurt and he was but the danger was still present and could easily happen to people who are not able to protect themselves. If the marijuana were available in a government sponsored store or pharmacy people would not worry about violence involving the illegal sale.Laws also could be put into place to attempt to curb the underage use of marijuana. Marijuana dealers do not discriminate about the age of a buyer. Many dealers will encourage younger persons to start to smoke marijuana in order to increase sales. If a person must go to a store and show identification for sale, this will at least in some fashion attempt to monitor the age of a user.The costs of enforcing the laws against marijuana far outweigh the dangers that marijuana presents. An average of 125 people are arrested every day and has increased by 150 percent every decade since 1970. Nearly one third of suspects referred to U.S. attorneys in 1999 by federal law enforcement agencies were marijuana smokers. Most people arrested are not even large drug dealers, just small time users who threaten no one. The cost of imprisoning and individual is incredibly high. By adding all the small time marijuana charges in the prisons become overpopulated and understaffed. The court system of the United States is backed up with cases that cannot be reviewed. If the marijuana cases were thrown out there would be more time to focus upon cases that danger the populace. Legalization would reduce costs of prisons and reduce the number of crimes related to the plant. These crimes would not be crimes anymore. All the time officers spend arresting and controlling these individuals...

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