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War Vs Belief Essay

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In my life I attained more knowledge about war, from a book that is not traditionally used in educational institutions – the bible. Throughout this book there are events that would enter into that category; even though the Ten Commandments opposes it. During the Old Testament more battles were taken place for a particular cause. My personal belief against war stands on the foundation of thou shalt not kill, and loving thy neighbor no matter the circumstances (David and Barash, 2014, 390). Those were the words that I have heard practically all my life, because Jesus gave those instructions for his people. Even though these laws were present in the Old and New Testament, surprisingly killings ...view middle of the document...

The twenty five
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nation states have the opportunity to layout their needs, and see if the opposition is willing to accept their stance. If there are two nation-states that cannot come up with an absolute solution, the security council of the United Nations that deals with peace and war could advice. (David and Barash 2014, 272-285)They would analyze their issues and then demonstrate the outcome of what would happen if these two parties would go to war. As I said before there will always be negative effects from war; but countries are blinded during the commencement and “cured” when it is over. Their goal is to make sure that decisions will be made among the twenty five countries, so the movement toward eliminating war can begin.
When the global conflicts are resolved, the conference would be live streamed on the internet and broadcasted live on all CNN channels around the world. Everyone should be able to see what the plans are to have a better world based on the religious and ethical perspective. It is true that not everyone has a belief in a supernatural being, but moral values can be separated from religion. Killing someone should never be justified by “the act was for a good cause” or by the duty of your service (David and Barash 2014, 392-393). During history there were the crusade wars, World War I, World War II, Civil war and other wars that demonstrated drastic increase in the number of killings. These are normal civilians and combats that were killed in war for the purpose of what their country decided. There should not be any support to condone such acts; no one has the right to take away another person’s life. In my view, if a person were to be killed, that right only belongs to God and him alone.
During the recording, all of the government representatives will have the chance to; decide on sacrificing all types of weapons and weapon-related activities on national holidays. It

is evident that each nation state might have more or less holidays than another, however that should not hinder the process of enforcing it (David and Barash 2014, 371-374). In relation,
nuclear proliferation is an example of how it has become a global issue due to the importing and exporting of these weapons in other nation- states. If the votes would be in favor of disarmament, the regulation of dangerous weapons could be...

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