War, What Is It Good For?

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For centuries the United States of America has been fighting battles for survival of freedom. Unknowingly, America has been losing more freedom with their success in war. As more leaders in America become greedy for money, the poor people suffer. When minimum wage goes up, the people receiving minimum wage get happy, but not realizing that economic inflation will just regulate and it's like they are receiving the same amount of money. Bush loves the idea of going to war, because indirectly he gets more money. From my understanding, Bush owns some oil companies in Texas, so as the gas prices go up he gains money."War is like a delicate flower; the more you pay attention to it the more it will grow." These strong words were spoken by one of the most sophisticated writers of our time, Emperor Yangstine. Many people believe that it is the different causes of war that inspired Yangstine to think of this quote. Terrorism and international defiance are the major causes of war. I am amazed that in 1990 when George Bush threw up in the lap of the Prime Minister of Japan, a war did not break out.A period of war is a kind of like a women's period, emotions change for mad to sad to happy. For example, a white person is attacking Afghanistan and then realize that his best friend is Afghanistany, he'll feel bad about killing all those people in Afghanistan. Back in the Korean War, many soldiers would sleep with the Korean women, and then didn't feel like killing the Korean women's boyfriends. The economy is affected in a period of war, such as the prices for international goods increasing.Is war a necessity for the economy to grow? Many people believe that war is necessary for survival. Interviewing 3 different students at El Camino College, I found out that their responses agreed with most of the politicians' point of thinking. "I think war exists to enhance life," spoke a hearty student. I personally believe that war is not necessary for survival. It doesn't affect me in a good way. There could be alternatives to the way we approach a war.A diplomatic solution...

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