War Of The World: An Essay Quickly Summarizing World War Ii.

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World War II was predicted by Otto Von Bismarck as the single most devastating war ever in the human race's history. Today, we sympathize on the many survivors and the families of the fatalities. We call this a world war because most of the major countries were involved in it. The Nazi society was corrupt with its cleansing ideas, which realistically would have resulted in a major conflict. Hitler, not seeing this, declared war on all the Jews, Slavs and all of their countries, starting a war of tremendous size.It all began with a well-distinguished-ex-German soldier known as Adolf Hitler.He was appointed the chancellor of Germany on January 30, 1953. This let him pass an "Enabling Act" that made him the dictator of Germany. He started the Nazi party and made it the official party of Germany, banning all other parties. He titled himself as Fuhrer (leader) and went to war. He felt that the Treaty of Versailles was extremely harsh, and wanted all the land and the money lost by Germany because of the treaty. He was discriminated against his school as a half Jew. This explains his hatred against Jews, starting the final solution of the systematic extermination of the Jews. This caused anger between the allies of Europe and the rest of the world. Soon the entire world observed Europe and some joined the war against Germany.In the war's course of time, Germany invaded Austria, Czechoslovakia, Poland,Denmark, Norway, Yugoslavia, Russia, France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Holland, Greece, and Great Britain among other small countries. Germany, at its most glorious time of the war controlled all of Holland, Belgium and France. Hitler formed allies with Italy, Hungary, Bulgaria, Slovakia, Japan, and Romania. This axis of countries went into war against the allies. Japan, taking advantage of the war attacks China and a full-scale war between them began during September of 1937. The Russians and Germans came soon after. With the Ribbentrop Non-aggression pact signed in 1939, Germany and Russia carved up Poland to their needs. Russia moved on to Finland while Germany invaded Denmark and Norway. Germany quickly moved on to France, Belgium and Holland. Western Europe was in the "Blitzkrieg" or lightning war. After the conquest of these nations, Germany did not waste time and immediately attacked Britain. However, unlike the previous countries, Britain's boundaries stayed firm. While the bombing of British and German cities continued, and the gas chambers at Auschwitz were put to use, Hitler invaded Russia in 1941. Operation Barbarossa was well under way, but just like Napoleon's forces, the Nazi army was crippled by the freezing temperatures of the Russian winter. Winter in the Pacific, of course, presented no such problems. The Japanese, tired of American trade embargoes, mounted a surprise...

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