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War Wounds In Tim O’brien’s The Things They Carried

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War Wounds in Tim O’Brien’s “The Things They Carried”
War is serious! In the short story “The Things They Carried” by Tim O’Brien, he recounts his personal experience with war and personal issues, not just any war but the Vietnam War. This was highly disregarded war by most Americans. Lives would be forever changed from their experiences of battles, guilt, wounds, heart brokes, emotions, and even death. The main character of the story is Tim O’Brien, who is also the narrator and protagonist. These collections of stories are a glimpse of his personal encounters. Another dynamic character was Lieutenant Jimmy Cross, commanding officer of the platoon. Other characters include Alpha Company soldiers Ted Lavender, Kiowa, and other soldiers. . The mission for O’Brien, his fellow battle buddies, and commanding officers is not easy and is filled with personal inner battles and conflicts. Some tried coping with things they carried from home and necessity items such as photos, military equipment and rifles, and miscellaneous foods among other things that would prove to be a turning point in their lives. Most of the young men were eighteen years old never experienced handling any type of weapon of war and scared to death. They were not ready to deal with war or the most ultimate sacrifice for their country which is death.
The Vietnam War took place from 1959 and ended in April 30, 1975. (Rosenberg, J. 2014) The conflict was over freedom. Vietnam was under a communist governing authority. This war was the longest and prolonged battle in United States history. President Lyndon Johnson ordered the first combat strikes by American troops and President Nixon ceased any further engagements. Billions and billions of American dollars were spent and almost 60,000 lives were lost or injured during this fight resulting in lack of public support from the home front. Most Americans didn’t agree with this meaningless and senseless turmoil.
There were many inner...

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