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The novel “Fugitive Pieces” by Anne Michaels is written in a powerful way to show the feelings of people who have gone through experience of their beloved ones’ painful deaths. There are two protagonists, Jakob and Ben who lead the broken life, as a result of the tragedy that not even the future generations will ever forget. They’re both left with damaged souls from the war; although they belong in two different generations, they still have an essential intersection point —of endless sorrow and pain. It’s not a story about a person from the post-war generation or a poet that had suffered from World War II but a memoir depicting tragic lives that had been deformed by having to face horrid life-threatening experiences and losing family members. They made connections in the novel about the pain they had experienced that reveals humanism because World War II had destroyed numerous people’s life. It makes the reader’s heart feel the ever-lasting pain of Jakob and Ben, as well as other people through life-stories.
Jakob Beer, a seven-year-old Jewish boy reflected on his life, after the horror of his parent’s death and his sister Bella that vanished. “Bog-boy, I surfaced into the miry streets of the drowned city” (Page 5). This sentence reveals the important image of an perished city with boggy streets suffused with death. Which are extended throughout the novel just like different coloured threads in a woven blanket. Despite the fact, Jakob was able to stay alive because he hid at the same time and place when his parents were murdered by the Nazis. He was just a small boy that could only depend on himself but loses the strength to get over the pain, he then ran away mourning and buried himself in mud. Athos Roussos, a Greek archaeologist found Jakob and secretly took him to Zakynthos. He was Jakob’s savior which he also became Athos’s savior because the Nazis had killed everyone in that area. “…In effect, they saved each other” (Page 165). War ended, finishing the veiling as Athos and Jakob moved to Toronto, Canada and later Jakob decided to get married and dedicate himself to poetry and translating. The “shadow” of Jakob’s tragedy when he was little is somewhat “Covered” by the love of Alex, his first married women, notwithstanding, the actual fact that Jakob failed to apprehend what actually happened to Bella had left a terrible scar in his heart. He was always hurting from knowing whether or not if she was alive. His lost sister’s image always remained in his heart where it was always holding him to never forget about the murders that destroyed his childhood and life. Jakob’s traumas during the war had become his significant burden and damaged his mind and soul. He became an unfortunate person of his own memory that kept him recalling the lost and therefore the pain he had to go through previously was still lingering. His second married woman Michaela seemed to be Jakob’s soul mate, failed to utterly settle for the peculiarities of Jakob’s heart. ...

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