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Warehouse Management System Essay

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Warehouse Management System (WMS) has the function that permits simple storage location, which has been available since the earliest computer systems. The main function of a WMS is to manage a warehouse efficiently and effectively. On the one hand, these systems keep record of the storage capacity (Homple & Schmidt, 2007). Other than that, warehousing takes up to 2% to 5% of the cost of sales of a corporation. Today, high competitiveness of global business environment organizations are focusing on Return on Assets, and thus minimizing warehousing costs has become an important business issue to increase its competitiveness (A, Subramanya, & Rangaswamy, 2012).
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All of these are the indicator of complexity of a warehouse management (Faber, Koster, & M., 2002). Moreover, computerized warehouse management system is very vital. This is because the processes in warehouses will be efficient if supported by customized software in handling a high amount of processed order lines and amount of stock keeping units. It allows a warehouse to adequately order and maintain several different kinds of goods. Nevertheless, it is difficult to update daily operations of inventory level, locations of forklifts and stock keeping units (SKUs) in real-time by using the manual-based or bar-code-based warehouse management systems. (Poon, Choy, Chow, Lau, Chan, & Ho, 2009).
Moreover, WMSs were adopted for collecting data of warehouse operations to solve various problems in a warehouse, such as material handling problems. However, the current WMSs are incapable of providing timely and accurately warehouse operations information. This is because they contain no feature of real-time and automatic data retrieval. Instead, warehouse staff members to input operational information through bar-code systems or manually are heavily rely by the systems. Therefore, improper information is unavoidably input from time to time. This is because the human error is inevitable (Poon, Choy, Chow, Lau, Chan, & Ho, 2009).
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