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Warfare And Weapons Throughout History Essay

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The thing we know most about the medieval times are the weapons which are generally known as made of metal, and designed for close combat. There are also ranged weapons, siege weapons and other weapons, but were not as common among people in the medieval times. A common perception that people have today when they think about medieval weapons is axes and swords, castles and catapults. You may think that the weapons of the medieval age were very simple and low-tech, but they were actually very dangerous if placed in the right hands. One knight could have the same killing power as ten, normal, foot-soldiers. The understanding of this subject, however, is not very common to these days. Therefore, this paper will help you get a better understanding of the different weapons that existed during 400 A.D. until 1500 A.D. and how they work.
Weapons were mainly used in armies. Soldiers had to always be prepared to fight for their king. The weapons had become a part of their lives and fighting a daily routine. of their lives, which depended on them. The two types of armed men would be the knights and the foot soldiers. The gear of the knights was typically expensive, like their horse, armor and weapons. This means that the kings would provide high-class weaponry and armor, but the knights were then set closer to the front lines with foot soldiers supporting them. The foot soldiers had more common weapons like swords and shields.
Previously, I explained people’s thoughts on medieval weapons, and they were very concentrated towards battle axes and swords. The reason is when people watch, read or hear about the medieval ages, the information they receive is not very detailed. It is mostly limited to what I have already explained.
The effectiveness of blade weapons could be greater than that of ranged weapons, seeing as they are more versatile. There is a plethora of blade weapons; some are more effective for fighting than others. All the different classes are axes, daggers and knives, swords, spears and pole arms. Almost all of these different classes of weapons contain one or more subclass.
Axes were commonly used as it was capable of delivering enormous force to the opponent. They were designed to cut off limbs, and they could cause significant damage to the opponent with only one stroke. Some battle axes were one-handed or two-handed and could be thrown at the opponent, but most were close combat weapons. The required training for a person wielding this type of weapon is strength and accuracy training.
Doloire was an axe commonly carried by wagoners hence, the name Wagoner’s Axe. It is used as a weapon, but also as a tool. It can be found in various armories around the world. Francisca is a throwing axe used by Franks. It is recognized by a distinct arch-shaped head. Halberd is a two-handed axe that consists of a long shaft, with an axe blade topped with a spike. Lochaber Axe is Scottish and is used against cavalry. Mattock is an axe that’s mainly used...

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