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Warning: Ready For A Culture Shock

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Warning: Ready for a Culture Shock

What really is a culture shock? According to Webster’s II 1994 Dictionary, Culture is a particular form of civilization, esp. the beliefs, customs, arts, and institutions of society at a given tome. In this essay I have to admit I will not be discussing how the world is going to be hit by some huge culture shock, but how Culture and Identity relate to situations in my life. For those that know me, know that I was a child exposed to many things while growing up. I moved to many different cities throughout my life and embraced all that I saw around me. These movements brought me to learn and understand cultures besides my own. The way I was raised and the transitions in my life have now brought me to college.

My years of growing up and though my age now, I have experienced many areas of diversity. This implement of diversity I use in the text of variations of cultures. During my past years I lived in the combinations of six different cities. That is a lot compared to most students who I have talked to at Oakland University, where I tend now. Every city was different; Canton is where my prime baby years were so I have to admit I do not have and culture scene here. Taylor, Dearborn Hts, and Dearborn where the highlights of my culture knowledge came from. These three cities are on the out skirts of Detroit. Dearborn Hts. and Taylor is where I spent most of my years and was always surrounded by diverse cultures from Whiteness, Jews, African American, Caledeans Muslim and so forth. I went to a private school in Taylor until the fifth grade. St. Alfred, the private school I went to, there were only "white" people and yes who all followed the same religion and beliefs. So with my school how was I exposed to multiculturalism? Well even when going to school in Taylor, I was living in Dearborn Hts. at the same time. I would wake up, be dropped if to the "religious white land,” then arriving home to the "universal zone." My friends at school and my friends at home were far from the same. All my friends were the same at St. Alfred, where Dearborn Hts, mostly all my friends were guys and my best bud was an African American boy named Sean. I remember once when I had brought my close St. Alfred girlfriends over and the first time they met Sean, they made fun of him. I was at the age 10 and what was going through my mind was to agree with the girls and hurt my best friend who looked different, or stand up for him. I choose to stick up for Sean, but subsequently, I lost two friends because I choose him over them.

I was never brought up to hate anyone based on his or her race, religion, or how much money people made. I mean I grew up poor, never really knew anything about my heritage, or even what my religion ever meant to me. Yes, I went to a private school, but I was sent out of class for asking certain questions. I asked once, what if the bible was written by a bunch of men who sat...

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