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Warning. Video Games Essay

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There are several types of video games; their genres range from educational to violent to sports. When used in moderation, video games provide various advantages to society as far as skills and educational benefits; however, there are also substantial drawbacks because of their violence and potential addiction.
There are two types of skills that adolescents are able to obtain by playing video games. The first skill one acquires is increased problem solving skills regarding decision-making. In Malcolm Gladwell’s article Brain Candy, he writes that players “have to craft a longer-term strategy” in order to win the game that one is playing (Source D). This forces one to make quick decisions that will benefit them in the game, thus, improving their problem solving abilities. Not only does quick thinking allow one to take an effective approach in regards to solving problems and making decisions, it teaches creative ways to approach various obstacles. According to the article Video games can make us creative if spark is right published on e! Science News in 2008, “high or low arousal is key to creativity” (Source C). Playing video games increase the players’ “degree of arousal and positive mood,” thus, raising the players’ ability to develop more creative and resourceful strategies (Source C). Depending on the players’ mind-set, whether optimistic or pessimistic, they always find new ways to solve problems as a result of playing video games. Those who possess a positive attitude tend to consistently support their decisions because they are constantly encouraging themselves. On the contrary, those with a negative attitude make decisions by analyzing the situation. This is because an unenthusiastic attitude brings out a more competitive state of mind and therefore, forces one to make a decisive choice (Source C). Improved decision making and creativity are two of the many skills one acquires after playing video games. Another positive aspect of video games is the potential educational gains.
Children in the twenty-first century are now learning their alphabet, colors, and numbers through the use of technology. This style of learning is rapidly growing and gaining popularity throughout the country. “Future learning could be well served by video games” because interactive learning triggers memory in the brain (Source B). Video games provide an easier way for students to focus whereas teacher-led discussions may bore some students. The ability to engage students is a major quality educators would love to possess when teaching their students; teachers want their students to be equally focused on their studies as they are while playing video games. A Penn State study found that “the key” to have students focus “is to generate emotion,” and “video games can achieve that” (Source C). The stimulation and the ability to interact with what a student is learning can greatly improve test scores because the student will...

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