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Warren County Community College Onsite Daycare

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Everyday millions of people become parents. “Parents of dependent children make up nearly a quarter (3.9 million) of the 17 million undergraduate students in the United States, and half of those (1.9 million) are single parents. Women are the majority of students in postsecondary settings and they also make up a larger proportion of student parents” (“Colleges Need More Child Care”). According to the 2009 demographic census, the County of Warren in New Jersey—surrounded by 22 Municipalities— has a population of 14,023 of children under the age of 10 (“Warren County Complete Analysis”). The County of Warren has two large colleges: Centenary College, which is a 4-year, private institution, ...view middle of the document...

Correspondingly, many of parents of dependent children presently enrolled at Warren County Community College would welcome the on-campus childcare assistance. Parents who are trying to balance college, work and childcare often feel overwhelmed by the numerous assignments. In his article, McBride affirmed that the on-campus center would help student-parents by taking the biggest concern out of the equation.
Furthermore, by adding the service of childcare, parents would feel more motivated to persevere with college and eventually graduate. McBride once again emphasizes the importance of an on-site daycare by saying, “We need to encourage parents to be good parents, to be productive members of society and to be able to provide for their children. If you take away the opportunity for higher education, they’re not going to be able to provide. We don’t want to take away those opportunities. The consequences are just too great.” Among the countless concerns of being a bad parent,...

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