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Warrior King Essay

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In any unit, leadership determines the command climate, whether ethical or unethical. The Fall of the Warrior King explains how a commander’s attitude has a direct influence on how his unit will perform during war. His actions alone will set the tone for the rest of his unit. LTC Nathan Sasseman was an outstanding army leader who was destined for greatness. His failure to provide an ethical command climate led to serious violations within the army’s culture and as the book is titled, it led to the fall of the Warrior King.
ADRP 6-22 defines leadership as the process of influencing people by providing purpose, direction, and motivation to accomplish the mission and improve the organization. It also states that leaders operate to improve or sustain high performance in their organization. They do so by focusing on the core competency develops. Creating a positive environment inspires an organization’s climate and culture. All Army leaders must adhere to the principles the Army Values embody, it is essential to upholding high ethical standards of behavior. Leaders must show their units what is ethical through their actions. They must find the moral solution to diverse problems.
Unethical behavior quickly destroys organizational morale and cohesion. Ethical conduct must reflect genuine values and beliefs. As previously stated, when leaders do not exercise the Army values, it not only questions the character of the leader, but it also influences the way he commands. Some of the major factors that contribute to an unethical command climate are personality, culture, and human nature. How a person is treated over time normally drives personality. In the case of LTC Sasseman, he was always the go to person. As a youth, he had a choice to attend either West Point, the Air Force Academy, or Princeton. I am sure that boosted his ego a little being recruited by all those top tier academic...

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