Warrior Transition Brigade Essay

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Warrior Transition Brigade (WTB)
Taking Care of Our Soldiers
The United States Army has been involved in numerous military conflicts or wars since

it’s birth in 1775, each resulting in many deaths and casualties. The Global War On Terrorism

(GWOT) has the highest rate of wounded Soldiers. The Army has made advances in the

battlefield in reference to treating the injured and evacuating the severely wounded. Penicillin

and blood transfusions were created and used during World War II. Wagons were used as

ambulances during the Civil War. Fast forward it to today you will find a fleet of medical

vehicles and helicopters alongside numerous advancements in medicine. This country's current

conflict, the (GWOT), which includes Operation Enduring Freedom (OEF) and Operation Iraqi

Freedom (OIF), enhanced personal protective equipment such as advanced combat helmets and

improved outer tactical vest. There were guidelines to evacuate the severely injured within an

hour, and also surgeons performing aggressive surgeries that saved the lives of thousands during

the two wars. These soldiers may have died in past wars. This resulted in thousands of wounded

Soldiers returning to United States in search of medical care within the military and civilian

medical facilities.

Warrior Transition Units (WTU) are created to serve as coordinating units for Soldiers

injured in (OIF), (OEF), and non-combat situations. Walter Reed Army Medical Center

(WRAMC) stood up the first WTU, also currently known as Warrior Transition Brigade (WTB).

In 2007, Approximately 6,600 service members have been treated at WRAMC during the Global

War on Terrorism, of which greater than 2,330 of these service members were wounded in action

(Cassimatis & Calvillo, 2007). Unfortunately, the system caring for the Warriors in Transition

(WT) was not prepared for long-term care. As a result, assigned Soldiers were forced to live in a

faulty un-occupied off post building. On February 18, 2007, The Washington Post published an

article "Soldiers Face Neglect, Frustration at Army's Top Medical Facility," which exposed

numerous deficits in outpatient management, and housing of WTs (Priest & Hull, 2007).

Warriors in Transitions were managing each other; there were not enough case managers. Family

members were not provided sufficient support and if any was provided it was minimal.

Paperwork submission systems were not working (Priest & Hull, 2007). The media made this

public and it started a public outcry that voiced their concerns and it reached Congress and the

President of the United States. This sparked an immediate impact; Walter Reed Army Medical

Center was directed by higher echelon of the Army to move Soldiers out of faulty buildings,

hired additional case managers, created the Soldier Family Advocacy Center (SFAC), and plans

were initiated for better command and control of the Soldiers receiving outpatient care at Walter

Reed. The...

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