Wars And Conflicts In American History

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War is defined in the Merriam-Webster online dictionary as “1.a. as a state of usually open and declared hostile conflict between states or nations; a period of such armed conflict; 2.a. a state of hostility, conflict, or antagonism; b. a struggle or competition between opposing forces.” War has been a part of this great nation since the beginning. The Seven Years’ War, The Revolutionary War, and The Civil War were some of the bloodiest battles ever fought over the years in the United States. Let’s take a walk through history and look at why these wars were fought, the courses they each took, and the impact they had on the United States today.

The Seven Years War, or the French and Indian War to the American colonists, was considered to be the first true World War. This war was one of the major conflicts in history since the fall of Rome. The war was fought around the world; in Europe, North America as well as India, the conflict mainly due to ongoing hostilities and struggles of absolute rule between Great Britain and France. The conflict beginning in 1754 was a dispute over land in the Ohio Valley being claimed by Virginians, the French and Native Americans that were already living there. By 1755, the frontier had turned into a mobilization of British and American troops against the French. The British hoped for a quick victory, but the French were prepared to fight and became allies with many of the tribes from Canada spreading clear into the Ohio Valley. The march west was the first of many disasters for the British; with Washington, the Virginia soldiers, and General Braddock leading 2,000 troops deep in to the back country where they were ambushed by French soldiers and many indian warriors from several tribes; thousands of British were killed. Washington was unscathed, although; two horses were shot from under him; General Braddock was killed. With the bravery that Washington showed in this battle, he was promoted to the commander of the Virginia troops by the governor of Virginia at the age of twenty-two. The defeating of Braddock caused the two remaining British armies to retreat from action and for the next two years the British stumbled badly on the American front. Their troops and supplies were poor and inadequate, and they received very little help from the assembled American colonies.
What finally turned the war around? It was William Pitt, who became the prime minister of Britain in 1757; willing to allocate resources to fight France and Spain throughout the world, assemblies were paid to raise and equip soldiers to mount military assaults in the war affected areas across the world. After the seizing of many forts in America by 1759, the British sailed up the Lawrence River to capture the city of Quebec; Montreal surrendered in 1760. The colonies of America rejoiced but the war was far from over. The battles continued in the Caribbean, where the French islands of Martinique and Guadeloupe fell to the British; that battles...

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