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Warsaw Ghetto Uprising Essay

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The Holocaust, the murder of 11 million people like you and me, killed by the Nazis. Why didn’t anyone stand up to the Nazis? Well one time, they did. Standing up to them wasn’t easy, neither was their living, or their health. Although standing up was tough, the Jews in the Warsaw Ghetto were brave and highly motivated, and also put to work because rebelling wasn’t easy.
The Jews in the Warsaw Ghetto were brave. These people, despite their living conditions and their own problems still helped other Jews in the Warsaw Ghetto escape and form anti Nazi groups such as ZOB. ZOB is an underground self defense unit ( These Jews bravely went back and forth from freedom to heck. ...view middle of the document...

Without the motivation that the Jews had within them, the thousands that escaped would have been moved to death camps and wouldn’t have lived. But, their motivation was so powerful that after the Nazis withdrew from the camp, the Jews still stayed there waiting for the German army to come. When the German army came with tanks and many more men, the Jews in the Warsaw ghetto stood their ground and fought the German army to defend Poland’s capitol, Warsaw. They fought for a couple of months before they were defeated. Once the Nazis had finally gained control, they destroyed the Warsaw ghetto and all thy Jews who rebelled along with the capital of Poland, Warsaw, ( The Jews in the Warsaw ghetto may have been highly motivated, but what they did was not easy.
Rebelling against the Nazis wasn’t easy to do. You may think the Nazi/German military were easy to fight off because the Jews that had no military experience held them off for so long. If you think this, than you are wrong. The Nazis were the king of the hill military wise, they had the fastest tanks, boats and the most powerful weapons in World War Two. Now you may be wondering how the Jews in the Warsaw ghetto held off the Nazis for such a long period of time. The Jews in the Warsaw ghetto had to work as hard as they could in planning, supplying weapons, and supplying food for all the Jews in the ghetto. Many Jews in the “Jewish combat organization”, also known as ZOB, had to smuggle in weapons from anti-Nazi poles ( ZOB also had to plan where to station people so that they could get the...

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