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Warsaw Resistance Attempt During The Holocaust

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Warsaw Resistance Attempt During the Holocaust

Throughout the Holocaust, Jews organized resistance movements in ghettos, concentration, and extermination camps. Although they had virtually no weapons and faced one of the largest arsenals in the world, the Jewish people fought for their honor and freedom. Without any hope victory and in the face of death, resistance fighters found the courage to take on evil in its purest form. Their efforts must not go in vein; to them we must accord our respect. This is a brief testimony of their fight against the Nazi regime.
The Warsaw Ghetto By the middle of 1942, Jews in the ghettos realized that all their former residents were being murdered, not sent to labor camps. In the Warsaw Ghetto alone only 100,000 of the original 500,000 residents were still alive. As occurred time and time again, the Nazis called for all residents of the Warsaw Ghetto to report for "registration" and told them to bring two days worth of food. Every day for a week 10,000 Jews were sent to the death camps and 3,000 more were shot on site. By the end of one week only 45,000 residents remained.
Soon the reality of the situation set in to both young and old. Under the leadership of Mordechai Anielewicz, Yitzhak Zuckermann, Marek Edelmann, Zivia Lubetkin, Michael Klepfisz, and Aryeh Vilner, an organized underground resistance, called the Jewish Combat Organization (ZOB), was established. At the time the resistance organization had no weapons or training. Others outside the Ghetto did not want to assist the Jews, and many of those who the underground trusted broke their loyalty. Aryan-looking members of the resistance snuck out of the Ghetto and helped to smuggle in weapons. The Polish underground gave the Ghetto only 10 revolvers because they did not think they would ever use them. They constructed bunkers throughout the city entered through portholes that could not be seen. Sentry guards were posted at street corners to report on what was happening.
When the Nazi's called for more people to report for deportation, the ZOB handed out leaflets describing the horror that awaited those who left. The night before the deportation of factory workers was to occur, the ZOB burned down the factory and machinery. On January 18, 1943, SS troops surrounded the Ghetto and began to march in. The ZOB...

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