Was Autocracy In The Middle Ages Better Or Worse Than The Democracy We Live In Today?

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Introduction."Australian democracy is a fairer system of government than the autocracy of medieval time" Discuss. A topic that has the ability to make people question their own government. Is it true, was it really better living with the autocracy of medieval times, or is today's government more humane to all people living in our society?In the Australian democratic system everyone gets a say.A government is put into power by receiving votes in an election, thus, before the election, they must be popular and appeal to the public, and if the public disagree with their ideas of development you can speak up, and say what you believe in. The policies in which they plan to bring into effect must be announced, if not proclaimed, they would be breaking the law. The media are not controlled by the government and can say things against them, bad or good, therefore, the media can present the public with information, explaining the government in terms that the public can relate to.Because of the Australian democratic system women are treated equally.As a result of the Australian democratic system, women have the right to vote in an election. Unlike medieval autocracy, living under our constitution, it is illegal to discriminate against women and we now recognise the value of women as a role of a mother and equal pay for equal work.Unlike the autocracy of medieval times, the Australian democratic system allows freedom of speech.The media can print a story, even if it is against the government, and this is often the case, this also makes it easier for the public to get a realistic view and the reality of the system. We have a constitutional right to say what we think and allow us to state our views and opinions...

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