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Was Elizabeth I A Good Queen?

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Queen Elizabeth I reigned for over 45 years (1585 - 1603). She accomplished this feat by making some very important decisions that would change England forever. Many of these decisions created great uproar from the general public; others would leave her with many supporters.Elizabeth's predecessor, Mary I, had married Philip II of Spain before she died. Once Elizabeth came into power Philip asked for her hand in marriage. Philip offered to aid England with their war with France (England was losing badly, and it was also costing a lot) if she married him. If she won the war, it would show people she was a good queen, but if she didn't it would be a bad start to her reign. If she married him she could have heirs' to take the throne after her. But Philip was very unpopular in England and Elizabeth didn't want to share any of her power with a Spaniard. If she married him she would have to convert to Catholicism, as well as the whole of England, this was because he was Catholic. Elizabeth didn't want to do this because it would be very unpopular with the Protestants. Elizabeth decided not to marry Philip. So she peacefully ended the war with France and made England protestant again. This was good because she did what she thought was good for England and not for herself. She also didn't try and continue the War with France; this would have saved money and lives.The Catholics didn't like how England was Protestant, so Elizabeth made a universal Church of England. This suited both Catholics and Protestants. This unified England instead of creating a dispute between the two religions.If people didn't go to Church, Elizabeth would simply fine them. She would keep track of people who didn't go to Church by anointing a Justice of Peace (JP) in each village, to keep a record of who missed Church. This was good because she pushed her people to go to Church, and also because she only fined them, not anything worse (e.g. Mary I killed 300 Protestants because they didn't go to a Catholic Church).JP's were chosen by the Privy Council (a sort of left hand to Elizabeth to help her make decisions). They were usually rich landlords. They didn't get paid. JPs' also acted like spies, telling the Privy Council about traitors. This is good because then Elizabeth would be able to know what was happening with her people. But on the other hand the JP's must have become very unpopular with the people for spying on them.This helped when the Pope ordered young Catholic Priests (Jesuits) to convert England back to Catholicism. The JPs' found them out and tortured them. They hung them, took them down alive, had their bowels taken out and burned in front of their faces, then they were chopped up into little pieces. It's good that the JP's found them out but I think this was very immoral how they dealt with them. They shouldn't have killed them in such a horrid way, or even kill them at all. They could have just imprisoned them for a very long time. How could Elizabeth allowed...

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