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Was Germany To Be Blamed For World War 1 (Wwi) ?

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WWI. also known as the Great War, was a war of conflicts centered in Europe between 1914 and 1918. The Great War ended with not only massive death and casualties, financial losses and collapsing of different powers, but also a question worth discussing about – Which Country was most to Blame for the First World War?

In 1960, the German historian Fritz Fischer blamed Germany for starting WWI. He claimed that the traditional ruling classes in Germany would like to pursue a prestige policy on the world in order to distract people’s opinion from domestic tensions due to declining economy and business. A War Council in Dec 1912 determined that Germany should declared expansionist war. Germany was hoping and expecting a war after her supporting of Austria-Hungary in July 1914. Her decision to mobilization was a strong indication of war. By invading France through Belgium, Germany brought Britain into the war.

For those who criticized on Fischer's work, it was commented that he distorted the picture of diplomatic situation in July 1914, policy making in other countries were equally important in the worsening of conflicts among countries and thus the outbreak of WWI. However, in-depth analysis of historical data and evidences, it became clear that Germany should not be solely responsible for the outbreak of WWI. In fact, all major powers in Europe had contributed to the outbreak. History revealed that Germany was exceptionally ambitious in gaining more power and expanding her territory by invasion of other European countries such as Belgium and France. Germany had the greatest increase in military power such as artillery, ammunitions, and navy force. Like Russia, Germany had changed her public policy due to substantial military establishment. The short term effect of her aggressive policies created tensions among the European countries. In the long term, most of these countries were worried that Germany would continue to grow unchecked and become invincible. By then, these countries might not have any ability to...

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