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Was He Just A Man? Essay

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“I worked night and day for twelve years to prevent the war, but I could not. The North was mad and blind, would not let us govern ourselves, and so the war came” (Thinkexist 6). These words were spoken by Jefferson Davis, the president of the Confederate States of America. Although he was president of the confederacy, he was opposed to secession and spoke for peace between north and south before the beginning of the war. The effects of Jefferson Davis’s accomplishments can still be felt today.
Jefferson Davis was born in June 3rd, 1808 (McGill 2). At age seven he was sent to a Dominican boy’s school in Kentucky (Jefferson Davis 3). When he was thirteen, he went to Transylvania College in Kentucky (McGill 3). He accepted a nomination to West Point in 1824 (McGill 3). He graduated twenty-third in his class of thirty-nine; he also had a total of 327 demerits on his record (McGill 3).
If Jefferson Davis had never gone to school as a young child, he would have never received a nomination to West Point. Without his West Point schooling, he wouldn’t have gone into the military, which would have changed everything in his life. He never would have met his two wives. If he didn’t meet them, he wouldn’t have gotten into politics which, would have rewritten history.
After his school he went into the army as a lieutenant. He served in the Black Hawk War (McGill 4). The Black Hawk War was a war between the U.S. and Sac and Fox Indians (Lewis 1). The war began when these Indian tribes left their reservation in Iowa to return to their homes in Illinois (Lewis 1). Upon hearing that the Indians had left their reservation, citizens broke into widespread panic (Lewis 1). There was only one major battle during the Black Hawk War; it was the battle at Wisconsin heights (Lewis 1). The war was ended shortly after at the battle of Bad Axe (Lewis 2).
The Black Hawk war was a very important part of Jefferson Davis’s life. Without this experience he would never have had the confidence he needed in the Mexican war. He also wouldn’t have met his first wife, Sarah Taylor.
During the Black Hawk War, Jefferson Davis served under Zachary Taylor. Under his service he met Sarah Knox Taylor, Zachary Taylor’s daughter (Jefferson Davis 2). Davis resigned from the army in 1835 to be with Sarah Taylor they married that year in Kentucky (McGill 4). Shortly after their wedding, Jefferson Davis bought a plantation in Mississippi called Brierfield (McGill 4). Sarah Taylor died of malaria three months after the wedding (McGill 4).
After Sarah’s death Jefferson Davis was absolutely devastated. It was the type of emotional blow that lasts a lifetime and for which the greatest remedy on earth, time, could not heel. After her death, he spent the next seven years on their plantation. He turned it into a plantation from a virtual wilderness. While he was in his stage of recluse he spent many hours reading constitutional law and world literature (Lewis 4). These laid the basis for his...

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