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Was I A Mistake? Essay

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Nearly 615,000 teen pregnancies occur in the United States each year. This number has drastically changed since the mid 90’s. It is no big surprise that teen pregnancy is something most people frown upon in this country. It really makes a teenager grow up very fast, even when they don’t think they can. Teen pregnancy is preventable but we still know it is going to happen each and every year. I believe that talking about prevention at an appropriately early age is key. More importantly the way a teenage girl feels pressure to make choices about her pregnancy and how to tell her family the news is something we should prepare teenage girls about as well. Teaching a young woman the value she can ...view middle of the document...

Therefore if she does not have a diploma, the jobs that she can apply for and get do not pay as well with someone that has graduated high school or equivalent. If a teen mother is only getting paid minimum wage and can only work limited hours due to restrictions with day care hours she can’t provide for her and her child as well. There are programs now that allow for teen moms to get an education and develop skills to further their careers. Giving an opportunity to a young mother is the best gift that anyone could give her. Building her skills for a better tomorrow.

What can we do as teachers, parents, and friends to spread awareness and prevention? This seems like a very simple and logical question, doesn’t it? Teen pregnancy has been on the decline for the past 6 years now. I believe that media and social media play an important role when it comes to spreading the word on prevention.

In 2009 MTV premiered a show called “16 and Pregnant”. It shows the stories of teen moms that find out they are pregnant and for an hour episode it shows their ups and downs of pregnancy and after birth of their child. In watching a few episodes of this show, it makes you realize how hard not only being a mom is but a teen mom. The show is not glamorous and does not sugar coat the teen moms at all. There are sources that say that this show is one of the reasons why teen pregnancy is on the decline since it started in 2009.
Just talking about prevention can decrease the chance of a teen getting pregnant drastically. There are different programs out there that are a great source of info on prevention. The Centers...

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