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Was I Wrong? Essay

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Everyone at one point in time feels like they have been wronged and judged unfairly at one point in there life. Although I am in college, one expereince sticks out to me when I was about 11 years old. I was coming home from the mall with my mom, aunt and younger cousin, and my cousin was upset during the car ride because that she couldn't something she wanted from the mall. I was completely happy with my trip to the mall because my mom bought me almost everything I picked out. So she's complaining in the car, and slamming things around and I tell her to becareful and not hit me with anything. She in turn told me that "I don't care what you say, you are spoiled and get eeverything you want. ...view middle of the document...

My mom brought me into her room, and began to lecture me on "Why I Shouldn't Fight Family." Why she was lecturing me, was unclear to me, due to the fact my cousin attacked me like a deranged monkey. So I tried to defend myself and tell her she hit me mom, I just tried to restrian her, why are you yelling at me. She then told me I was the "older cousin" and I should have known better. Then went on to tell me I was kicking her and that's why she hit me. Also how I was grounded and could not go outside for a whole week! In my mind this was tyranny and unjust, but I could not really argue with my mom. So I just stared at her with a face with awe.
To make matters even worse, my aunt then stormed in the room telling me I beat my little cousin and should consider anger management classes. In my mind I was starting to think I should have hit me cousin back, at least I would be in trouble for doing something wrong, instead of being fasely punished. She started telling me how I hit her daughter because she was stating her opinion about me, and I did not like what she was saying and I did not know how to handle my "rage." So I did what was viewed as the most disrespectful thing back then, I screamed at my aunt that she was a liar and that next time I will smack the life out of her...

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