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Was It Ever Possible For The British To Establish A Fair Solution To The Palestinian Problem?

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"The main asset in all our Zionist venture, England as we know her up to yesterday, has disappeared. Sometimes I feel like Sinbad the Sailor. . must have felt when he established his 'national home' on a lithe island...and the island proved to be a whale."-- Vladimir Jabotinsky, 1936Israel was a creation of humanity and the fate of Palestine the defining traits of man. An epitome of altruism in spirit yet egoism in action, Machiavellian interests in paradoxical apposition to honour and honesty, blinkered faith at the expense of realism, and above all the inherent instinctive nature of man to procreate, the struggle for survival and desire for immortality through one's progeny, the need to leave a mark on the world - a legacy for posterity. The greatest philosophers of the world have mused about the concept of free will; the extent to which we have control of our destinies and the extent they are foreordained; how far do circumstances and events take hold of us, push, and propel us through life unappeased and unaware?Britain was a victim of one of Fate's cruel punishments for the complacent and self-assured. She had emerged exhausted yet victorious from the First World War, heralded as the conqueror of Evil and saviour of the World. Palestine would be her next act of philanthropy, yet not without prior consideration of personal benefit. Thus, she ostensibly made the decision to endorse the Balfour declaration and assume the prestigious post as the guardian of the Holy Land and the good shepherd of the Diaspora. In doing so, she had unwittingly set into motion a series of horrifying events, which as they were to roll along unheeded grew bigger, beyond the control of they're protagonists and far beyond the control of Britain. She became ensnared in a concatenation of self-begetting horrors which put her in a position where she was indisposed to exert influence nor able to foresee the consequences of her impotence. The rest of the world, too, looked on blithely. When they came to act, it was too late. Could Britain be held account for her incompetence, her vacillations in policy and her desire for self-survival and above all her naivety? Britain fluttered along like a leaf in the wind throughout the mandatory period, swerving from one extreme to the next in attempt to maintain moderation, her actions more determined by the chain of events than determining them. Yet, Britain could hardly be accused of not endeavouring to force a 'fair' solution on an inherently unfair and unsolvable situation. She had initially entered Palestine in a blasé fashion, hopeful, and optimistic but was soon to flee crushed, disillusioned and filled with a despicable hate.The Balfour Declaration, which was the cause of British entanglement in Palestine, was simply another of many precautionary pledges that Britain had been compelled to make during the desultory period of the First World War. As with all other precautionary pledges, it ensconced an attractive kernel,...

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