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Was It The Weaknesses Of The Royalists Or The Strength Of Their Opponents Which Best Explains The Outcome Of The First Civil By 1646

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Was it the weaknesses of the Royalists or the strength of their opponents which best explains the outcome of the First Civil by 1646There are several key factors determining why the royalists lost the English civil war in the years 1642 - 1646. The factors that caused their defeat were Cromwell's talent for warfare and how he displayed it on the battlefield. The factions of the royalist command structure tearing the royalist campaign in two. The formation of the New Model Army. King Charles alienating many possible supporters of him with his decisions leading up to and including the civil war. Propaganda helping the parliamentarian cause during the English civil war. The affect of dual roles as King and Commander in Chief of Royalist forces upon King CharlesThe Formation of the New Model ArmyNeither side really had an advantage when it came to experienced soldiers in the country and both sides were initially commanded by men who gained their rank to their status in society rather than military ability. The New model army was now well organised on a sound basis, drilled, disciplined and administrated in uniform fashion, in complete contrast of a few years ago to the 'Ad Hoc' (before the English Civil war the army was formed when a problem arose then immediately disbanded when the problem dissolved) arrangements that English armies had before the New Model Armies creation. Throughout March and April 1645 at Windsor the work began on training, preparing and equipping this new and improved Parliamentarian army. At the beginning of May 1645 the army left Windsor to meet the king's forces in battle. The training had paid off as parliament crushed the king's forces at Naseby. It differed from other armies in the same conflict in that it was intended as an army capable of deployment anywhere in the country, rather than being tied to a single area or garrison. As such, its soldiers became full-time professionals, rather than part-time militia. Furthermore, its officers were also intended to be professional soldiers, not having seats in either House of Parliament and therefore not linked to any political or religious faction among the Parliamentarians. The New Model Army was raised partly from among veteran soldiers who already had deeply-held Puritan religious convictions, and partly from conscripts who brought with them many commonly-held beliefs about religion or society. Its common soldiers therefore held and expressed dissenting or radical views unique to any English army. Ultimately, the Army's Generals (particularly Oliver Cromwell) could rely both on the Army's internal discipline and innate support for the "Good Old Cause" to maintain an essentially dictatorial rule.The factions of the royalist command structure tearing the royalist campaign in twoDuring the civil war the royalist side was weakened by a major feud which slowly developed throughout the civil war years. This was between the king's two highest ranking generals, Lord George Digby and...

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