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Was King Louis Xiv A Good Leader?

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Was Louis XIV a good leader?Louis XIV was born on September 5th, 1638. At the age of 4, he was able to become King of France but obviously he was too young. He became king in 1661 at the age of 22. Some people think he was a good leader. Some think he was a bad leader. They have their reasons with enough evidence to support them. But, what reasons were good for France? Were the people happy? Louis XIV was a horrible King politically, socially, and militarily.Louis XIV was a bad king politically. He invaded Spanish Netherlands in an effort to expand France's boundaries in 1667. Although they gained 12 towns, France got weak. He made people pay high taxes, putting the royal family in long term debt. By time Louis died in 1715, they owed over 1 million livres (in their money) which is a lot more than a million in US dollars. Louis also weakened the power of the nobles by excluding them from his councils and increased the power of the government agents called intendants. He also made sure that his local officials communicated regularly with him. "Took great pains to be well informed… his spies and tell-tales." He had people everywhere telling him what was going on in France. Control freak much?Louis XIV was also a bad king socially. "For many years… the king was opening letters." He was reading his people's mail to make sure they weren't saying anything bad about him. The King wanted to know everything so he could control all. If you were no use to the king, you were worthless. The king was sneaky with everything he did. He even cheated on his wife because she was "too fat". He gave no voice for his people or religion. Louis cancelled Edict of Nantes which protected the...

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