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Was Romeo And Juliet A True Love Story

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True love leads to tragic death. Or at least that is what happens in the Shakespeare play, Romeo and Juliet. Many people describe the play starting as a comedy, but ending as a tragedy. Some people may argue that Romeo and Juliet was not a true love story, and was just a fictional story involving nothing but fake feelings. However, a lot of evidence points to Romeo and Juliet really being a true love story.
One reason some people think that Romeo and Juliet is a true love story is because it is, in fact, a true love story. According to Raven Moss, “Teens know what love is because they are more open minded to things, like love, instead of adults.” (Moss para 4). What Moss is saying is that ...view middle of the document...

(Oswald para 3 pg. 1). In fact, Romeo was able to overcome his deep sadness of a broken heart when he met Juliet, and she was willing to go against her parents to be with Romeo. This solely proves that they were in love because they were willing to fuel the flames to their family’s feud by being together. They did not care that they could possibly be disowned by them, as long as they ended up together. Because they were willing to lose the love and respect they had from their families, proves that the love they had was real.
Finally, Romeo and Juliet was also a tragedy. It has been said that it is a comedy, but it is in fact a tragedy. Even though Marcutio’s death may have been somewhat comedic, that does not mean that the play itself is a comedy. There may be some elements of a comedy, but with all the people that end up dead, it is safe to say this play was a tragedy (William 1). Marcutio’s death speech, and just the way he died in general, might have caused a bit of laughter but in the end he died, which was sad, and so many...

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