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Was Ronald De Feo The Murderer Of His Mother, Father, And Siblings? Did He Do It By Himself Or Have Help From Others?

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Have you ever wondered whether “Amityville Horror” was based off of a true story? One night Ronald Defeo was claimed to have killed his family and then run off. But what if it wasn't entirely his fault? What would you do if voices told you to kill your family to the point that you were driven insane? What if you thought that if you didn't kill your family they were going to kill you? Would you make the decision to get rid of all of your problems by pulling the trigger on your parents? Ronald DeFeo was the murderer of his own family, he even admitted it himself after being questioned by police. But was there something more that pushed him over the edge? Ronald Defeo wasn’t helped in his ...view middle of the document...

When it turned out that Butch stole the money, building up the hatred between him and his father. On November 13, 1974 he murdered his whole family. Amityville wasn't a ghost or horror story, that is for sure.
After the Murder in 1974, Butch was being questioned by the police and he fabricated a story about how he was up in the morning and heard his brother go to the bathroom, then he went to work early and went to his girlfriends house. His story began to crumble when the police found ammunition and guns inside his room. They questioned him and he soon broke. He admitted that he did it and he couldn't stop. His exact words were “"No, it all started so fast. Once I started, I just couldn't stop. It went so fast.” Is this another way that Butch is deceiving us, or is this what he really believed to be true.
Even friends of the DeFeos already had the thought of Butch killing his family when the first heard about the murders. Barbara was a friend of the Defeo family. The parents had much in common with Ronald and Louise (The Father and mother.) They also had 5 children around their ages, but when the got the call saying they were murdered Barbara's first reaction was "Butchie". What happened was when she was called to hear the news, without thinking, and with a gasp, Barbara responded with the first word that came to mind: "Butchie." Looking back, Barbara says, "I'm not sure why I said that. I am not sure if they said 'everyone's dead except for Butch or what, but that was the first thing I said, Butchie"
Butch had a mental disease that caused him to lash out against everybody. This eventually lead to murdering his family. Today it is still a mystery whether Butch had help from another presence,considering every single family member was in their beds. “George and Kathleen Lutzes' claims that they and their three small children felt threatened from strong supernatural forces while living at 112 Ocean Avenue.” This shows that there might have been a supernatural presence that was causing Butch to act out. If you think about it when he shot the dad you would think everyone would wake up and either see what’s happening or leave. Each person was shot dead, but they were in their own beds. As if he were to carry them there. It never came up during the...

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