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Was Slavery The Cause Of The Civil War? Was One Particular Event The Breaking Straw That Made The War Unevitable?

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The Civil War, fought between 1854 and 1862, between the North and South was a bloody battle that eventually led to the end of slavery. Even today, many individuals feel like slavery was the cause for this war. It is true that "had there been no slavery, there would have been no war." Ironically, it is also true, that many of the soldiers on either the North or South side were not fighting "for" or "against" the policy of slavery. Although slavery may have been an underlying cause of the war, many economic, cultural and political differences between both sides all contributed to the start of the war.Politics played a huge role in the start of the war. Although slavery was a moral issue during the 1800's that divided many political leaders, the average American had little interest in slaves. Most Southerners were too poor economically to afford slaves, and most Northerners were small farmers who had never even seen a slave. For political leaders though, slavery was a very large issue. The economy of the South was based upon cotton. The invention of the cotton gin and closing of the international trade slave trade in 1808 were two unrelated events that created the South's surplus slave population These two circumstances - the means to cultivate cotton rapidly and the restriction of slaves needed to produce it - made some Southerners very rich and slaves became a valuable asset. Slavery became entrenched in the Southern states, and became known as the antebellum South. The South's labor force was made up mostly from slaves. The political leaders of the South knew that if slavery were outlawed, the economic system would collapse. They did not want to pay higher wages than necessary. The South had an economic issue in the spread of slavery to the new territories so that new slave states could be created. The North's interest resided in limiting the spread of slavery into the new territories. This way they felt they could control political power.Although there were many events that led up to the Civil War, at what point did it become unavoidable? What actually caused the first shot to be fired? Despite slavery being a major indicating factor, international politics and economics contributed major roles also. Several factors, including but not limited to, the election of Lincoln, the raid on Harper's Ferry, the Dred Scot Supreme Court decision, and the war at Bleeding Kansas, all donated to the growing problems between the North and South which eventually led to the Civil War.Abraham Lincoln held the presidency during the time of the Civil War. His republican views reached out to many groups, although the South wasn't one. Many Southerners didn't care for him, and as a result he was banned from the ballot in ten southern states. Many states threatened to secede if he was elected. With his presidency being awarded, South Carolina was the first to follow through with their promise and secede from the Union. Other states soon followed. The South was...

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