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Was The American Revolution War Bound To Occur?

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Was the American Revolution War Bound to Occur?
People might often wonder why Americans wanted to get their independence from the Great Britain. Was it urgent or necessary just few years after a long French Indian war, for Americans to start retaliating against their protector Britain? Did American have any idea of all the resource that the Great Britain had spent in order to secure land and protect the colonies? These important questions can only be answered by concluding that Great Britain was protecting the colonies in order to continue benefiting from them. The French war occurred because British was merely protecting its resources, but not for the cause of the colonies. The pressure induced on the colonies by the British, pushed the colonies to the road of revolution earlier than they had anticipated. However most people wonder, had the British king accepted the continental congress
Olive Branch Petition, could the revolutionary war have been avoided?
One would agree that the revolution war was inevitable, although it could have been prolonged for few more years had the king and his government handled the colonies issues in a considerably and reasonable manners. First, the people in the colonies always felt that the Great Britain perceived them as second-class citizen. This perception from American can be traced back by the harsh treatment of the British troops garrisoned in the colonies. The pompous royal troops intended to show their superiority and blatant arrogance towards the colonies in every chance they got. During the French Indian war, this treatment of the British regular could be confirmed by one incident in June 1755 when Edward Braddock a British General, who was about to take an expedition to capture Fort Duquesne. The then young George Washington and the militia were accompanying Braddock to dislodge the French from the forks of Ohio. George Washington and the militia informed General Braddock that the Indians will be helpful in the war, but he dismissed them by responding, “I have no doubt of driving the French and their Indians away.’’1 (Braddock) The derogatory behavior and caustic remarks from British troops such as that of Braddock brought further rift between the Great Britain and the colonies. Benjamin Franklin one of the founding fathers describes Braddock’s egocentric personality by pointing out, “This general was, I think a brave man, and might probably have made a figure as a good officer in some European war. But he had too much self-confidence, too high an opinion of the validity of regular troops, and too mean a one of both Americans and Indians.” 2 (Franklin) Consequently during this war Braddock died probably because of his excessive confident of overcoming the enemy and under estimating the situation. Great Britain and France being the super powers of the interim, expected the colonies or any weak country to follow the orders without questioning therefore, this is one the few elements that lead the colonies...

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