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Was The Reign Of Terror Justified?

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A rather ominous name for the unaware; “The Reign of Terror”. An oblivious person could completely bypass the horrifying events related to the French Revolution, had it been named differently. The title for these events is appropriate from my perspective. Those four words could easily interest a curious, ordinary person, and so the history can survive, along with the information transferring to yet another carrier. Of course, everyone can benefit from knowing a few terms that can increase your understanding of the topic. An absolute monarch is a person that has absolute power among his or her people. The Estates General is a representative body drawn from the three ‘estates’ into which ...view middle of the document...

Document A continues to state that January 21st, 1792 marked the day that King Louis XVI was sent to the guillotine from authority of Robespierre, who was also ordered to the guillotine one year and six months later. Clearly the people of France have an abundance of stored energy that had to be expelled with violence. Executing leaders left and right, and several colonies forming to revolt against the opposed ideas. The system of government and the rebellion are corrupt so it transforms into a war within and outside of the country. The leaders are ordering those who speak against the country to be executed but are then executed shortly thereafter resulting in an idiotic process. Document B displays the conflict with surrounding countries that were fearful of the revolution spreading to the countries outside of France. By analyzing the graphic provided on Document B, it appears that France only moved armies to other cities to protect them, and did not send armies into the surrounding countries such as Austria and the Netherlands.
Violence within neighborhoods and communities is harsh enough in the world we live in today. Imagine your country suppressing your thoughts and actions to the point of insanity, and you’re not alone. You and countless other crazy people conjugate into large groups of violent morons fighting against an equally crazy government that possesses a large army. Sounds like utter insanity from my perspective. Document C contains a map of France, and it exhibits the location of the Vendee Rebellion, along with the other forms of counterrevolution resistance. A caption to the left of the map on Document C basically states that the crazy members of the government send the military draft named levee en masse to fight the Vendee Rebellion. The letter sent to the National Convention located on Document D explains a few current events, and then essentially asks for more support. I cannot help but imagine how the world could have advanced if humans could dedicate the amount of energy they waste on idiotic topics. The amount of time and energy wasted on fighting could have been exponential had it been something actually important. The ordinary citizens were forced to revolt because the government would have ruled with absolute power otherwise, but I wish that it hadn’t gotten to that point.
Document E contains a paragraph of information that explains the system used for finding people to execute. It began a system designed to...

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