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Was The Taxation Of The Colonists Justified?

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One of the many repercussions of the French and Indian war was that Great Britain had accumulated an enormous amount of war debt. The British needed to pay this off and thought it would only be fair if the Colonies repaid the war debt. The settlers in the Colonies were the ones who had caused the war and were the ones who benefited from it the most so the decision to implement taxes on the people of the colonies was completely justified. These taxes not only helped repay the war debt but also protect the Colonies from the deleterious natives who often attacked settlers moving west. The colonists were simply not ready for change because for much of the past the Colonies acted as sovereign nations, each with its own individual rules and taxes. The colonists had grown to love the lack of regulation that England had not placed upon them for many years prior. So much so that when Parliament did enforce new laws the colonists became extremely angry because all of the benefits from the lack of regulation and taxes were soon going to be gone. The purpose of the Colonies was to benefit Great Britain because that is why they were set up as an extractive colony. The British government was completely justified in implementing the acts on the colonies to reduce war debt and defend the colonies because the debt was a result of the Colonies, benefited the colonies, and protected the Colonies.
After the French and Indian War the British government decided to implement new taxes on imported goods such as tea as well as passing the Stamp and Sugar Acts it ultimately angered many colonists. These British colonists who were moving west as a result angered the French who built Fort Duquesne to stop further expansion by the colonists. This also enraged the colonists who fought back and essentially started the war. These taxes and regulations that the British government imposed on the Colonies were mainly on colonial trade and were as little as two-percent. So these taxes did not hurt business or destroy profit at all. The colonists just did not want to see the King enforce laws on the Colonies because they...

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