Was The Us Justified In Declaring War On Spain In 1898

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Was the United States justified in declaring war in 1898? For:
● Monroe doctrine dictates US intervenes ● be rid of european power → expansion ● spanish detrimental to american trade to caribbean → would get rid of them (commercial
interests) ● america rose as a world power
○ sphere of influence ● positive example of jingoism, popular war ● relatively inexpensive ● few casualties ● see Mckinley's war message
Against: ● Caused by propaganda ● fought for purely imperialistic means
Causes: ● Jingoism: an intense form of nationalism calling for aggressive foreign policy ● Cuba wanted Spain's withdrawal or US as ally → Spain sent troops to crush revolt ● Yellow journalism lead to Americans believing Spanish atrocities ● Letter criticizing McKinley from Dupoy de Lome leaked ● Maine anchored in Havana, Cuba exploded → yellow press accused spain ● Mckinley's war message:
○ Put end to barbiturates in Cuba ○ Protect lives of American citizens in Cuba ○ End injury to commerce ○ End menace to the peace
● Teller amendment: US wanted to restore peace in Cuba and allow it to become its own nation
Key terms:
● Jingoism: an intense form of nationalism calling for aggressive foreign policy ● yellow journalism ● teller amendment ● McKinley's war message ● sphere of influence ● monroe doctrine ● social darwinism ● imperialism ● Maine in Havana, Cuba

thesis: Because of the Monroe Doctrine and with a sense of imperialism and jingoism, the U.S. declared War on Spain in 1898. intro:
● seward's purchase of alaska ● movement to purchase hawaii ● imperialism of western hemishpere → Monroe Doctrine
body #1:cuban revolt/ monroe doctrine ● cubans wanted spain out ● wanted US as ally ● monroe doctrine dictates that Europe is not permitted to colonized in the western
hemisphere body #2 :imperialism
● spain out of caribean → commercial interests ● america becomes a world power → spreads sphere of influence
○ introduce science, medicine, and technology ○ search for new markets ○ build a strong navy (Mahan's The Influence of Sea Power Upon history) ○ press would circulate more if stories about exotic places were published
Body #3 jingoism/ popular war ● de Lome letter ● Sinking of the Maine ● people outraged at how the spanish were treating the cubans ● the teller ammendment
rebuttal: yellow journalism: ● hearst and pulitzer only published big stories that would be sure to sell → exaggerated ● sinking of Maine wasn't as big a deal as people thought

Katie Rundzieher AP/IB US 2 9/12/14 Notebook Essay #1 Was the United States justified in declaring war in 1898?
Since the end of George Washington's presidency, westward expansion has been the
focus of...

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