Was There A Trojan War? This Essay Attempts To Answer A Question That Is Very Controversial.

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The story of the Trojan War, as narrated in Homer's Iliad, has for centuries been interpreted as a literal truth or as a legend based on a conflict that really did happen. It is natural for one to believe that a story as fabulous and colorful like that of Ilios, or Troy, could not have taken place. It is very practical to believe that the great heroes, like Achilles, Odysseus, Aeneas, and the gods and goddesses were purely out of imagination, and perhaps just included in the story to enliven it. However, newly discovered details and facts from archaeological and historical discoveries suggest that not all this was a myth, and the story in Homer's Iliad had some substantial basis after all. Archaeological evidence provided by noted scholars and scientists as well as historical evidence from other ancient stories all point out that the Trojan War really did occur, except perhaps not with such splendor and glory as it does in the well known legend of Troy.A legend or a mythological story is always has some fictional parts to it, so naturally the legend of Troy is much different from what happened to the real city of Troy in Asia Minor. Homer, the author of the Iliad, had actually narrated this story hundreds of years after it took place, and so he is not a primary source for the real story. His legend is therefore bound to be somewhat inaccurate. The historical siege of Troy,according to the Homer's legend, starts with the kidnapping of Helen, wife of King Menelaus, ruler of the great city of Sparta. Across the Aegean Sea on the coast of Asia Minor (present day Turkey) was also another great city, Troy. King Priam and Queen Hecuba of Troy had a son, Paris, who was chosen to judge a beauty contest for the three goddesses, Hera, Athena, and Aphrodite. Paris chose Aphrodite, for she had promised him the love of the most beautiful woman in the world in return. Paris visited Menelaus in Sparta, and fell in love with the fair Helen, and eloped with her. She was the spark that ignited the fury for a war so terrible. Enraged and thirsty for revenge, King Menelaus sailed to Troy with a monstrous Greek army and his brother Agamemnon, the high king of the Mycenaeans at his side. Along with them came many other great warriors, and among them the hero Achilles. After nine years of futile attempts to conquer the unbreachable gates of Troy guarded by the mighty Prince Hector, the Greeks finally decided to construct a hollow wooden horse for soldiers to hide in. They left the horse outside Troy's gates, and curious Trojans dragged it inside thinking it a gift of peace from the Greeks. As night fell, however, the hidden soldiers inside the horse crept out and unlocked the city gates for the rest of the army to invade. The Greeks left the city in ruins, and retrieved the beautiful Helen from Paris.The real story of Troy is much less dramatic and more realistic than the story from the Iliad, but the fact that the city of Troy existed is true. Apart from the credible...

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