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Was Truman Right To Drop The Atomic Bomb On Japan?

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The Second World War started in 1939's. In the beginning it was a war only in Europe, but as the time passed on, all world was getting involved in it. Some countries weren't happy about their situation and one of them was Japan. In this essay I am going to discuss why Japanese attack the US Pacific Fleet at Pearl Harbor, Japan getting stronger, about atomic bomb dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, was Truman right to drop it.War in Pacific began when General Tojo, Chief Minister of Japan, on Sunday 7 December 1941 decided to attack Pearl Harbor, in Hawaii. USA was not at the war that time and no one was at the anti-aircraft guns. Meanwhile, 300 kilometers to the north, 183 Japanese fighter-bombers were taking off from aircraft-carriers. They headed to Pearl Harbor. Within minutes they arrived to their target and bombing began. Within two hours, five battleships had been sunk, another 16 damaged, 188 aircraft destroyed and 2403 American people had been killed and another 1,178 injured. This attack also killed less than 100 Japanese. No more than chance saved three US aircraft carriers, usually stationed at Pearl Harbor but assigned to a different place on the day. Japanese before attacking knew that it was a big gamble to attack strongest nation in the world. But they also believed that if their country was to survive as a proud, independent notion they would have to fight the USA sometime. This shows that Japan knew what they are doing and they thought that it is the best time to attack Pearl Harbor while Europe was busy in the war and they would not help America with supplying with aircrafts and worships. This proves us that Japan was very weak and they really needed to do something about it, because they had large growing population, their land was infertile and they didn't have good supplies of raw materials.When Nazi Germany was in the middle of its Blitz in the Europe, Japan was able to enlarge her control over a great territory by August 1942. They colonized Taiwan and Manchuria, the Japanese Army invaded and jailed most of the coastal Chinese cities and occupied French Indochina, British Malaya and other places in Dutch East Indies They had also reached the borders of India and Australia. Japan very fast established an empire which was nearly all through Pacific Ocean. But General Tojo's gamble failed because most important ships weren't there - they were out to the sea. The USA recovered from its losses at Pearl Harbor much more quickly than Tojo thought. Only six months later, in June 1942, the US fleet defeated Japan in the Battle of Midway. In my opinion the gamble failed because he took a great risk in trying to guess that all the ships and airplanes for war supply were there but America is very big and it doesn't mean that all needs must be in Pearl Harbor. This shows us that they succeeded in what they wanted to do because they had a big empire over Pacific Ocean but Americans recovered fast and decided to do something about what...

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