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Washington’s Second Term: The Election Of 1792

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In 1789, George Washington was unanimously elected by all 69 members of congress, to be the very first president of the United States of America. This unanimous vote was the result of Washington’s background. He was very well known in the thirteen states for being the leader of the great Continental Army, one that defeated the British in several key battles that ensured freedom and independence to the United States. Washington was also one of the people that helped found the Constitution, and he was well known, loved, and greatly respected by all the citizens and leaders of the United States. His first term was a great success, but there were more actions to be taken in the future. Thus, George Washington’s re-election in 1792 revealed the country’s need for a strong unifying character at this point in history. In this short journey back into history, three major events and actions made during his first term that kept Washington in presidency for a second term will be overviewed.
During 1789, just after Washington became president and America had finished their Revolution, France had gone into their own revolution: the French Revolution. The French had helped the United States out in the American Revolution, and now that they were in the midst of their own, France wanted the United States to help them out too. This act from France came from the Treaty of Alliance between America and France in 1777. Washington, with the citizens of America behind him, was glad to help France out, but there was a problem: he could not figure out whom to communicate with as all the rulers of France were constantly being overthrown and even beheaded. But that was not the biggest problem that faced Washington at the time. At the same time as this was going on, the British were trying to get the Native Americans attack the settlers in the West of the 13 states, and hoped that they could disrupt the stability of the newly founded Government. Washington was greatly angered by the British actions, and was forced to reinforce the army to be sent to France during conflicts with Britain. Washington saw that his nation was weak at this time, and it was unstable to fight in any battle with a strong foreign (European) powers. Thus came one of the biggest actions that he would make in his first term: he shot for the idea that the United States would be neutral in foreign quarrels, and he aimed that this idea would stay for a long time in future presidency of America. He cared for the safety of his fellow countrymen and the stability of the newfound government, which showed the power of a great caring leader that cared not only about the now, but also about the future development of the nation.
In addition to that great action taken by Washington, he was also well known for establishing the Judiciary and Executive branches of the federal government of the United States, and also organizing the Presidential Cabinet. When he was first elected President of the United States, he...

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