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Wasp Barcoding System For Inventory And Product Management

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User requirements will allow the WASP barcoding system to improve its inventory management, shipping logistics, manufacturing processes, and customer service communication. Current manufacturing processes will need to be modified in order to support the proposed changes to the Inventory Management and Control segment, while minimizing impact to employees and customers. And the proposed enhancements to the Inventory Management and Control segment that need to be supported by the WASP barcoding system will be Raw Material Receiving, Manufacturing with Inventory, Final Product Shipping.
Riordan Manufacturing Processes Evaluation: SF-rm-001
Executive Summary
The Wasp Barcoding System will improve Riordan’s business process, reporting, and business process flows, which will result in achieving competitiveness in Logistics and Manufacturing market segment.

User requirements will allow the WASP barcoding system to improve its inventory management, shipping logistics, manufacturing processes, and customer service communication. Current manufacturing processes will modifications in order to support the proposed changes to the Inventory Management and Control segment, while minimizing impact to employees and customers. The proposed enhancements to the Inventory Management and Control segments will be supported by the WASP barcoding system, to improve business flows in the Raw Material Receiving, Manufacturing with Inventory, Final Product Shipping.

Users shall have the ability to scan and tag incoming materials, with a mobile scanning device. This mobile scanning device can scan incoming material, queries data, and provide an accurate inventory of materials in manufacturing and shipping. The Point of Sale system (POS) is calculate cash drawers with pole display and thermal receipting (Wasp Barcode Technologies, 2008). POS will inventory the availability of customer orders, while deleting inventory from the manufacture and factory. In addition, provide reports for managers, and inventory clerks based on the Wasp tracking system.

The system shall streamline departmental handoffs while maintaining merchandise inventories, tracking and shipping. Allow users to gain visibility and management of your inventory, reduce inventory stock outs, manage inventory reorder levels, check materials in and out without or without a mobile device, and create barcodes for document invoices. The barcode scanning feature is a portable data terminal that provides wireless barcode scanning. The scanners are featured in many different models such as CCD, laser, and pen-style. The barcodes uses a Magstripe Reader, which deletes stocked inventory through Wasp inventory tracking system and through customer purchases.

Wasp Barcode Technologies System is the recommended to enhance the business process flow at the Riordan Manufacturing Company. Wasp Barcode Technologies system will effectively simplify Riordan...

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