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Waste Management Plan Essay

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Universal Waste and Recycling Used Oil Management Plan for JENLI Toy Manufacturing

I. Scope
II. Responsibilities
III. Procedure:
a) Waste Oil Management Plan:
a.1) Collection
a.2) Storage
a.3) Container Size and Types
a.4) Labelling
a.5) Transportation
b) Universal Waste Management Plan (Batteries)
b.1) Collection
b.2) Storage
b.3) Container Size and Types
b.4) Labelling
b.5) Transportation
c) Universal Waste Management Plan (Fluorescent Lamps)
c.1) Collection
c.2) Storage
c.3) Container Size and Types
c.4) Labelling
c.5) Transportation
VI. Record Keeping :
a) Used Oil
b) Batteries
c) Fluorescent Lamps
V. References

I. Scope
JENLI Toy Manufacturing ...view middle of the document...

Simply put, used oil is exactly what its name implies—any petroleum-based or synthetic oil that has been used.” The mission of JENLI Toy Manufacturing is to have a management plan understandable for all employees and under compliance with EPA regulations and the 40 CFR regulations.

II. Responsibilities
JENLI Toy Manufacturing EHS department has the necessary personnel to administer and enforce collecting and storage for each of the solid waste generated by the facility. For the collection of used oil the mechanical in charge of replacing the oil within each mechanical piece shall work along and under the supervision of the EHS Managers, in order to avoid any spillage and to properly collect the drained oil into suitable containers. The EHS Manager shall verify that each container and every collection procedure are in compliance with JENLI Toy Management Plan. For transportation of both universal and used oil, the EHS Manager is in charge of inspect the conditions and procedure (condition and labeling of containers, and records of transportation) of each load before departing. Moreover, each load is delivered to an governing agency certified facility for proper treatment or recycling.

For collecting, labelling and storage the batteries and fluorescent lamps, two employees are going to be in charge to weekly monitor that the containers are properly sealed, properly labelled and that they are placed in a safe storage area to ward off from being damaged before they are picked up. The EHS manager is responsible for verifying proper procedures for the batteries and the fluorescent lamps are taken in place. In addition, both of the employees need to comply with the JENLI Toy Management Plan.

The role for the top level management is to develop strategic plans along with EHS department that strive JENLI Toy Manufacturing goals. They need to develop the company policies and make decisions about the direction of the business. In addition they are responsible for controlling and overseeing the entire business.

III. Procedure:
The procedure developed would entail the detailed management method generated for JENLI Toy Manufacturing. This procedures encompasses what is being done to develop an efficient waste management plan for proper collection, storage and transportation of used oil, for further recycling, at the equipment room and research laboratory, when is being properly developed, and how the procedures are being achieved. In the same context, the handling of universal waste as batteries and fluorescent lighting for the facilities.

a) Waste Oil Management Plan:
A proper management plan of used oil entails the proper collection, storage and transportation methods to further recycle oil and oil filters and under the 40 CFR - 279.
a.1) Collection:
Arrange for pick up each month for the assigned piece of mechanical equipment each 20 of the month
The drained oil shall be placed into a suitable recycling container
Used oil cannot be mixed with...

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