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Waste Reduction Plan In Manufacturing Areas For Kimberly Clark

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I am again going speak about Kimberly Clark and introduce additional sustainable information on their efforts to reduce waste and on their continued process improvements, in the areas of manufacturing. We will review the company’s strategic initiatives for reducing waste as it relates to process manufacturing, which contributes to the majority of their solid waste, water and energy issues, and we will conduct a solid waste audit assessment, and review the findings in this un-official report.
I. Define the Major Sources of Solid Waste:
Defining the major sources of solid waste for KC begins by reviewing the solid waste produced in their manufacturing processes worldwide, since this contributes to the highest output of solid waste and environmental waste. The waste to landfill ratio for KC, still ranks high among EPA and other environmental standards, this is due to process manufacturing of paper products. This method has been in existence in the paper industry since the late 1870‘s, which required large amounts of electricity and water during process manufacturing. Through the year’s newer machines, new efficiency standards, and conservation programs began to be, implemented for KC and other manufacturers worldwide, due to growing environmental concerns, and global warming. However the high demand for forest products, pulp, recycled fibers, energy, and water could not be greater, therefore the process used to produce these products had to change because of the high volume of waste originally destine to landfills, which is now being diverted from the same landfills. Thanks to the efforts of consumers, EPA and hundreds of GRI and ISO standards now within the manufacturing industry.
If you look at KC’s mill per ton, (MT) waste measurements, and the production data available, this would indicate that 30% of any given product is, made up of waste. This is mainly due to the recycled fibers, water, and the product left behind once the usable fibers are, extracted. However, approximately 1 million, (MT) of KC's waste is, generated from its recycled fiber sludge; this represents roughly two-thirds of the total waste generated, and of that percent, 50% of that is from the residual water left from the manufacturing process. (Sustainability report 2012)
Secondly reviewing solid waste from its water usage and discharging of wastewater is another area KC has taken additional measures to reduce. Since we know that, the majority of solid waste happens during the end of the manufacturing process that produces sledge. Additionally water contributes to a high volume of natural resources being, used in the manufacturing process. Therefore, reducing the amount of water needed became part of their strategic campaign to reduce its water usage by 2015, driven by more energy efficient manufacturing practices, and achieved through additional conservation programs. This goal includes:
• Reducing water use 25% by 2015, and using a 2010 baseline, and...

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