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Wat Buddharangsi Buddhist Temple Of Miami

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I was born into a family with set beliefs on Catholicism. I attended mass from a young age, was baptized in the Catholic Church and was taught the many beliefs of Catholicism. Some of the few beliefs I was taught include The Holy Trinity, teachings of the bible, and the Ten Commandments. For the Site Field Visit assignment, the class was instructed to visit a temple, church, or worship facility that must be outside of our religious background. For my Site Field Visit assignment, I decided to visit the Wat Buddharangsi Buddhist Temple located in Miami. Why did I choose to visit Buddhism instead of Hinduism, or Judaism? The reason I chose Buddhism is because I want to explore new grounds with religion. I will be stepping out of what I have been taught about believing and worshiping gods, same as Hinduism and Judaism, and I want to know about Buddhism, a religion that does not believe in any god.
Buddhism is a religion that was created after Buddha, whose real name is Siddharta Gautama. According to an introductory article on Buddhism by Stanford University, it is estimated that Buddha was born “around 490 B.C.E in the foothills of the Himalayas” (Introduction to Buddhism, 2007). Although, nobody is able to accurately pinpoint the origins of Buddhism as a religion, many believe that it originated in the Northern parts of India.
Siddharta Gautama obtained the name Buddha after he was able to reach his enlightenment since the Buddha is a name that translates to the “enlightened one”. After reaching his enlightenment, Buddha began teaching others how to reach enlightenment for themselves. One thing Buddha did not believe was necessary in order to reach enlightenment is the belief and worship of gods. Therefore, unlike most religions, Buddhism is considered a nontheistic religion. A nontheistic religion is one that has no believes or worships in a god or greater being unlike monotheistic and polytheistic religions. Monotheistic religions only believe in one greater being, and polytheistic religions such as the one I was raised in, Catholicism, believe in many greater beings.
The Buddhist temple I chose to visit is the Wat Buddharangsi Buddhist Temple located in Homestead, Miami. I drove to the Wat Buddharangsi Buddhist temple and reached it in approximately thirty minutes. Once I arrived at the Wat Buddharangsi, I immediately noticed the uncommon shape, structure, and colors of the buildings composing the Temple. The temple contains a religious hall, an all-purpose building, two classrooms, and a bell tower. The buildings in the temple are painted white, but also contain various gold details and symbols all around. The first objects that caught my eye upon arrival were two statues of golden lions in the set of stairs leading into the religious hall. Before entering the religious hall we are asked by a sign placed outside the room to remove our shoes and place them in a shoe holder that is placed outside the doors. The sign placed outside the...

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