Watcher Tendencies Classification Essay

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Television watching has become not just a crazy but the new age lifestyle. The more advanced the technology gets the more popularity television receives. Channels, like ESPN, broadcast shows in High Definition to make the picture seem more real. Inventions such as TIVO have allowed viewers to record their shows and movies in order to watch them at their leisure. This new technology and this new obsession with TV created a new standard of living throughout society. With these new standards come many different attitudes or point of views about television. These new attitudes or point of views can be classified into four groups that I have named the addicted watcher, the specific show watcher, the occasional watcher and someone that never watches TV.The addicted watcher will include TV into as much of their life as possible. This is the type of person who goes about their daily routine with TV always in the back or their minds. When they are at home the TV is on, no matter what the program is and what they are doing. The program is not what is important but the mere fact that the TV is on even if it?s only processed as background noise. I had a roommate, named Katie that was obsessed with watching TV as much as she saw fit. She would put off loads of homework forcing her to pull late night-ers on a regular basis. She was someone that had could watch pointless shows, such as almost anything on M-TV and VH1, for hours at a time. Katie used television as a distraction in order to procrastinate on her homework to the last minute on almost everything she did. This didn?t mean she was a bad person or that she was a bad student and received bad grades, it just meant that because of her addiction to watching TV she got things done a bit?slower.Obsession of certain shows is not only the problem of the addicted watcher but also the specific show watcher. This person enjoys his specific shows and only his shows but this obsession is contained by the need to organize. A specific show watcher sets aside certain times in order to watch their shows. These times usually exist during the primetime TV hours which are arguably 7 till 11 at night and will seldom be missed. These people also do not watch TV unless there is a show that they exclusively enjoy; otherwise watching TV is a pointless act to them. The obsession doesn?t extend past these specific shows. This is where the specific show watcher differs from the addicted. They need to watch their precise show at the precise time, where as, an addicted watcher needs to watch at all times. About a year ago, a friend of mine that I would include in this category of specific show watchers ran into a glitch in her plan for studying for finals. Her problem was that a few season finales for her favorite TV shows would be airing at the same time as when she needed to study for a few tests. In order to accommodate this she made up a strict schedule in which she followed. This schedule included hour time slots so that...

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