Observing A Scene. My Class Was Told To Just Go Out And Observe A Scene And Then Write A Paper About It.

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Every year there is a tournament that my friend, Cassie goes to. It's a tournament held in different cities (this year in Chicago) where teams from different cities in Illinois and even some cities out of state come together to compete in Soccer and Volleyball for the girls and Football and Basketball for the guys. This year the people who run the tournament decided to change it up a little. This year the senior girls' team ended up playing Volleyball and Football. Practice is always interesting because it always takes a while for the girls to get serious so they end up having a lot of fun.The girls start with warm-ups. They do stretches and then proceed to Indian run. An Indian run is when you run in a single file line and when the coach blows the whistle the girl all the way in the back has to sprint to the front. They do this and several girls trip on their way to the front of the line, as they are not great sprinters. When it is Cassie's turn to sprint to the front, she takes off to the front and the safety pin on her scarf pops and the scarf flies off, which causes everyone to lose focus and laugh at her. She was upset at first, then decided join in with the laughter.They start to practice football for the first time to see how well they can do. First up, practicing throwing the football back and forth. Some girls are just horrible at it because they either bat the ball away when it's thrown to them or they scream and move out of the way. Even the coach can not keep a straight face at this and she begins to laugh. These are the same girls that voted for football too!Next, a game of flag football begins. The girls don't understand the rules at first so...

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This was a creative writing assignment for my rhetoric and composition class. We had to write about any personal experience. This is about a soccer game played in HS.

921 words - 4 pages ignore their contempt though. We maintained the attitude that its just a game. Coach F. always told us to play hard, but play for fun. Winning wasn't important if we had a good time. Maybe he said that because we were the lowest ranked team, but in all honestly we didn't care. We won some, we lost some- well, we lost most of the time- but it was the love of the game that kept us going.We huddle together and do our standard cheer to get our spirits

Was told to write a declaration for a controversial group or organization. I wrote about gay and lesbians' rights to marry in the United States. Pronouncement to Gay and Lesbian Rights

1070 words - 4 pages perfect parents from being parents? The answer is yes, because there are many same-sex parents that are just as good as parents of opposite sex parents. A legal parent is a person who has the right to be with a child and make decisions about the child's health, education and well being. A legal parent is also obligated to financially support that child. Same-sex couples should have the same rules and regulations as couples of opposite sexes. Who

Act 3 scene 3 in ‘Othello’ is the pivotal scene of the play. Before it began Othello was blissfully in love with Desdemona. By the end of it, he is devising a means by which to kill her. Discuss how...

1246 words - 5 pages his insecurities and Desdemona just seems to bring up topics about Cassio in the wrong time. However all of this could be prevented if Othello was not so wrapped up inside his head that he completely missed out the opportunity to put down his pride for a while, and ask Desdemona about the truth. He would surely have saved himself a lot of pain, and would not be so easily manipulated by Iago.

Nanotechnology. I wrote this for my American Literature class. The assignment was open-ended: to write a research paper on anything. I chose nanotechnology in general.

815 words - 3 pages ).         Another interesting nanomaterial is the self-assembling DNA motor. This structure assembles itself from a vial of proteins, sugars, and DNA/RNA fragments. Its is a nanoscopic two-fingered 'claw' or 'tweezers' with a motorlike structure in the center. It opens and closes when exposed to certain strands of DNA 'fuel' which both instruct the motor to close and supply the energy to do so. It currently takes 13 seconds for the claw to go from open to

A Play I Wrote for my "Modern Femininity" Class. Some people might find it offensive. It was in response to the assignment "Write a Creative Response to Changing Role of Males in Modern Parenting"

5176 words - 21 pages think that we should just hire one of those disgraced priests you read about in the paper. They may be bruised merchandise, but at least they'd save us a whack of trouble. Margaret, get the rosary and the Holy Water. See what happens when you're selfish Molly, not only do you waste my time, but God's time. Don't you think He's getting annoyed, always coming down here to purify your soul? William's soul is so clean it sparkles, I even bet if I

How do the ideas and language of the speeches in this scene help to reveal different attitudes we observe in the play to Othello's blackness/otherness?

592 words - 2 pages play being a tragedy Shakespeare wants the odds to be completely against Othello to show his slow demise from being a confident intellectual ruler who was feared by many to have nothing. Also, what this shows is that already Iago's plan is working and things can only get worse for Othello.In addition, Othello replies to Brabantio's insults saying 'Were it my cue to fight, I should have known it without a prompter.' Othello is trying to prove himself

This is a comparison of Roman and American character. It was written for humanities class. It just discusses the two cultures' character and how they were similar and different.

1123 words - 4 pages said he was working alone. The agent got sentenced with a life term to prison, and the agent just now got his voice heard, because, as it turns out, the government also rigged his trial so he would quietly go to prison.Many of the values today that Americans depend on are similar to Roman values, which establish both cultures' characters. Roman character decayed because of some of its good characteristics. American character declined because of

Describe one important scene or event from "Romeo And Juliet" and explain why it was important.

806 words - 3 pages lightning". She attempts to say good-night as she cannot deduce Romeo's true feeling which is tormenting her. However, she expresses her fervent passion with emotive words: "My bounty is as boundless as the sea, My loved as deep; the more I give to thee". Her use of simile displays the immeasurable and inexhaustible passion. Also, she alludes to a myth to emphasize it; "And make Echo's airy tongue more hoarse than mine". If she was free from the "Bondage

"Monster: An Autobiography of an LA Gang Member" Included is works cited This paper was only written for a 200 level English class Analyze the representation of violence in one scene in "Monster"

929 words - 4 pages the reader to play this scene as if it were a movie.This scene creates a subjective position in my mind because it is full of specific images such as "I was on my back counting stars in the blackness" (8). This allowed me to grasp the full concept of what is taking place in this scene. He also uses specific imagery to describe the pain that he is feeling: "a solid blow to my chest exploded pain in bold red letters on the blank screen that had

James Joyce's "A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man". The assignment was to write a well thought out comment on each chapter of the book.

1361 words - 5 pages A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man begins with the reader being taken through Stephen's developing life and his conscious thought. The reader is tossed around inside Stephen's head and we learn about the character from the inside. Although I find the stream of consciousness aninteresting way to explore Stephen as a character, I believe it makes the book difficult to comprehend. As we are lead through Stephen's experiences at school I

These are just some notes on the types of government to go with a research assignment I done when I was 15

566 words - 2 pages Politics & teen understandingThe present government is run by what system?The new Zealand government is run by a system of democracy, represented by the western society.What does this mean?This means that it is for the people by the people. The decisions are made through voting, and then dealt with by a court & politiciansWhat is anarchy?Anarchy: A state of lawless or political disorder due to absence of governmental authority.To what

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The Assignment Was To Sit For 20 Min And Observe, And Then To Write About It. I Chose To Write About A Starbucks Encounter.

573 words - 2 pages don't, now do you? You don't like the cold, uh uh, not Emily! Oh you're such a good girl, yes you are, my little baby!""That'll be $5.18, ma'am. How would you like to pay?""Oh hold on a second, let me just check if I have change."The woman put down her bundle of keys, which contained a BMW remote control, a few silver keys, one with a light pink accent, and a key chain. The key chain was a picture of her with her husband on her wedding day on one

Observing A Scene Essay

919 words - 4 pages intense that I could not put it into words. As we drove closer, there appeared to be steam coming off the falls, then, drops of water began hitting our windshield even though it was not raining that day. By this time everyone just wanted to get out of the vehicle, and it seemed like we would never get a spot to park. Then my wife saw a man holding a sign that said "Parking $20.00." We did not think twice we pulled in and parked

I Was Told To Write A Paper Comparing A Common Theme Between The Movies Jaws, The Legend Of Bagger Vance, And Finding Forrester.

1150 words - 5 pages making it." (Screenit.com)Rannulph Junah was the pride of Savannah, Georgia, The best young golfer the state had ever seen, and a forgotten sweetheart of wealthy young Adele Invergordon. But Junuh's golfing career and the sense of well-being are destroyed by shellshock and guilt after a brutal First World War battle (Rottentomatoes.com).After the war, he slinks back home a broken man, not even talking to Adele, instead just playing cards and drinking

This Is A Paper Written On The Internet And Its Effects On Society. It Is Opinionated Also, So It Is Not Just Fact. It Was Written For My Business Law Class.

766 words - 3 pages music industry termendisly. It is hurting the artists who make the music, the stores that sell it and the companies that are producing them. Why would anyone want to go out and buy the CD's when you can make them for free in your own home?Don't get me wrong I do think the internet does have a few good features about it, because I do use it quiet often. However, if it is not used right it can be very dangerous and deceitful. There is a lot of good information, music, games and people and other things to be found, but it is not smart to completely rely on the internet for everything all the time.