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Watching Movies At Home Or Going To The Movies

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Going out on a date and having to be the one who has the final decision is always tough. Usually before going out, someone has a decision or premeditated idea. If a guy is to pick the wrong place or kind of food, the girl will let him know. There are always factors when going out that affect the final decision. When picking a movie there is always compromise or a definite decision. When choosing between going to watch a movie at home, and going to the movies, staying home has more advantages like comfort, reduced cost, and the persona convenience.
Being comfortable is important while watching a movie and being let some be as relaxed as they want. When arriving late people are left to sit ...view middle of the document...

The price of movie tickets rise gradualy “The National Association of Theater Owners said the average ticket price for 2011 was $7.93, up about 0.5 percent from $7.89 in 2010.” (Cieply). Nonetheless today is dominated by cheap online movie subscribtions with thousnds of chocies at a monthy fee or even dvd rentals that start at one dollar. Food is always expensive at movie theater when someone is starving or just to snack; “Raising prices at concession stands won't help much, as popcorn and soda are already at an 80% markup, said Mr. Etter, who is also VP-theater services for the Malco theater chain”. (Brodesser Akner)To the contrary staying at home can give vierws endless varity with very litle cost compared to the theaters. Some moive theaters are faraway in subrban communities and driving a distance could cost the driver. Dissimilarly staying at home is cheaper and not having to drive anywhere sicne gasoline prices are also rising. Trying to watch movies in 3-D or Imax can be expensive if done frequenly. Yet if someone who enjoys to view movies in that format buys an expensive televsion once, it would be more cost effective over time.
The personal convineance of watching movies at home make the biggest diffrence. When at a theater, sometimes in the middle of the most exciting parts people will have to use the restroom at the price of missing the action. However when watching a movie at home , the viewer can pause the movie and reture without mising a second. Other times emergencies happen and if a persons in a movie theater they have to leave and miss out on the moive and loss money. Although when watching from home a...

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