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Watching Movies In The Theater Or At Home

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Watching movies is the most enjoyable activities for many people. With friends, families, and a boyfriend or girlfriend, many people prefer to spend their time by watching movies. Not only in America, but in other countries, movies always come in the first place of entertaining activities for many people, and it also has become a major entertainment or habit in our society. Besides of entertainment, some movies also educate people about many things such as places, politics, loves, and so on. After the long hard works, movies help to refresh the mind and to relax for many people. Some people prefer to go to theaters because of its sound system and big screen, but some prefer to watch at ...view middle of the document...

You also can rent DVDs which are inexpensive and easy to get. That’s why I always prefer to watch movies at home.
Since you are watching the movie for one to two hours, the convenience of watching the movie and the surrounding environment always come in the first on your list. The seats and arm rests of the movies theater are shared with guys next to you. Sometimes, they would bother you or make inconvenient environment, but you don’t get uneasy environment at home. If you plan go to the theater, you are also subjected to a time tables. If you stuck in traffic, you miss out movies’ casting or your plans are pushed back. Conversely, you do not have to worry about the time tables if you watch movies at home. Second, you can’t just pause the movie. Do you need to go the bathroom? Do you need to take your children to the bathroom? Or do you need to pick an important call? You may miss out some of the best scenes from the movies, and you also can’t rewind the movies if you do not understand. On the other hand, if you watch movies at home, you can pause and replay the movies. Third, in the theater, you can’t skip ads or forward movies if you do not want to watch, and you can’t get private atmosphere too. In contrast, at home, you can watch movies in private environment or with friends or family, and you also can forward the movies. You can sit or sleep on couch or bed while you...

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