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Watching Televised Sport Essay

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Watching Televised Sport

The answer is all of these reasons, and others, which I will explore
in more detail throughout this essay. To do this successfully I am
going to focus on three sports, which I intend to compare and analyse.
These are: The London Marathon, The Brazilian Grand Prix and The
Champion's League semi-final between Manchester United and Real
Madrid. I have chosen these sports because they are each different;
The London Marathon is an individual sport, which covers a large area
and has many competitors; The Grand Prix is raced for a team but by
individuals using very fast cars around a circuit; and football, which
is a team sport with only two teams competing per match.

Because all of these sports are different, it allows me to explore the
diverse ways in which each is broadcast, as all aim to attract as many
viewers as possible.

As I come back to the question 'Why do people enjoy watching televised
sport?' there is one clear answer: The quality of coverage.

All television companies try to make their coverage, regardless of the
sport, as good as they possibly can: The sole reason for this being to
attract viewers and make money.

The term 'quality of coverage' basically means the lengths the
television company covering the event will go to, to make the event as
enjoyable and authentic as possible. This is done in a number of ways:
both visually and aurally. Visual effects include close-ups, replays,
highlights, the best view of the sport, timers, scores etc. Crowds can
be heard and commentary and presenters are used. This is because at
the event itself there are no commentators or presenters, so TV
viewers have an advantage over the people attending the event.
Interviews are held with winners and stars from the event: this is a
major advantage over the people attending the sport, who wouldn't get
the chance to interview the famous people. Experts give their own
personal opinions on how the competitors are doing to make the
experience more authentic.

In football the quality of coverage is very good, as more than one
Television Company can end up covering the same event. Presenters,
experts, commentators and interviews with key players are all
techniques used to attract viewers. In the Man-U Vs Real Madrid game,
the presenter was Des Lynam, along with Sir Bobby Robson and Ally
McCoist for their "expert" opinions. The score and timer were located
in the top-left corner, many different camera angles were used,
close-ups and replays were also given.

The London Marathon had aerial views of sections of the track, front,
side and rear views of athletes, commentary, experts, presenters and a
timer in the top-left corner. It offered a view much better than any
spectators' because the length of the course is so long (over 26
miles) that no-one at the event...

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