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‘Watching Television And Playing Computer Games Is Beneficial To Children.’

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The focus of this debate is whether gaming on hand held devices are beneficial to young children. Watching TV and playing games on a computer or hand-held devices comes under the category of technology and digital media. In the twenty-first century technology has interwoven itself into the structure of developed societies and are now seen as a basic necessity in the negotiating life. According to Gunter and McAleer (1997) technology such as television has integrated itself on to the domestic scenes and is now seen as a piece of furniture practically every house hold owns one. It today’s society It is common place for various forms of technology to be used in daily life even by children.
Playing games on hand-held can be beneficial as it can be enjoyable but self-motivated way for children to learn and play “play is intrinsic to children’s quality of life, it is how they enjoy themselves. It is also a key component of a healthy lifestyle”. Children’s games on hand held devices such as iPad, iPhone and tablets give children access to a vast wealth of information which can develop children mind and knowledge surrounding a broad spectrum of subjects. Educational video games that are age appropriate have an inventive way of simulating a young child mind and sustaining a young child’s attention, while they are engaging in the practice of learning and problem-solving; for example a literacy letter game expands a young child’s language and literacy skill in a visual character and audio sounds as way of simulating the mind help the child retain the information in certain part of their brain. Then if games ask questions to challenge the child understanding further such as find the right letter?
According to Selwyn (2005):
computerized-system encourages the learner to construct new knowledge by providing minimal hint that require them to derive most of the solution in their own … technology gives immediate feedback after each action to minimise the amount of time spent on incorrect activates.
Children are able to assimilate and accommodate new information to different part of their brain with gaming as give a child instant feedback. Children are able then to review the process they have taken and expand their knowledge but a quick speed while find the correct answer or strategy. Piaget cognitive theory “internal knowledge structure where new information is compared to existing cognitive structure call schemes. It was argued that these schema could be combines, extend and altered to accommodate new information as it acquired and processed by the mind.”
On the other hand Playing games mean that children aren’t engaging a socially as gaming is a solitary activity. This is affecting children’s socialisation, which is the process child go through to acquire adequate communication and social skills, as well as an awareness of emotions and a competent concept of their own identity. This is done through the social interaction and observational interruption...

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